6 Pack Abs Workout

Are you planning to get 6 pack abs? Are you looking for ab exercises? Don’t wander around. In this article we have shared 16 exercises for 6 pack abs workout and some tips as well to help you get 6 pack.

Pro tips:

Before we get into the list of exercises there three tips for you that can change the game of your ab workout.

1 Cardio for fat burning:

If you have belly fat then you have to get rid of that fat first because ab workouts will not help if you have fat because they will get strengthen but they will not be visible because of fat. For getting rid of the fat you can do cardio. Of course the exercises that are for abs and core also do the job but when you do not want to do intense workout then just do cardio exercises to burn the fat. The best thing is walking. It is easy to do and it is proven to reduce belly fat. Do a 30 or 45 min walk daily or on your rest days to burn the fat. If you have to lose belly fat you have to lose fat from your entire body that’s why different cardio exercises especially walking helps a lot.

2 Building the muscles:

As discussed you cannot have six packs without burning fat but getting abs is not just about burning fat. You have to remove fat and then build the muscle mass to enhance your muscles. While working out for abs also eat a lot of proteins to build up your muscles.

3 Proper eating:

Eat a proper diet to get better results especially add protein in your diet eat good fats stop eating processed food, and junk food. If you are doing intense workouts so eat accordingly do not eat too less to let your body starve eat until you are full but do not over eat.

16 workouts for 6 pack abs:

If you are looking for some core exercises to enhance your abs and get those six packs then stay here as we have selected some exercises for you that are especially for getting abs or 6 pack because they are specifically for core and abdominal muscles.

1 Leg raising:

Our first exercise for abs is leg raising.

  • Lie straight on your mat and put your hands under your head or you can rest them on sides.
  • Just raise your both legs together without bending them.

You will feel pressure on the lower abs.

2 Toe touches:

This exercise is very simple.

  • Stand straight and put your hands straight at front
  • Then raise your right leg without bending and touch the left palm.
  • Then raise left leg to touch right one.

3 Twisting:

  • Sit on a chair with your back straight.
  • Move sideways without moving your legs just move your upper body remember to keep your back straight.
  • Repeat same for the other side.

You can also do it while standing.

4 Crunches:

It is a popular exercise for abs and 6 packs.

  • Lie on your mat
  • Bend your legs and put your hands under your head.
  • Then move your upper body upwards and make sure that your feet remain on the ground.

If you want to feel more burn to get better results, increase your speed.

5 Bend and touch:

  • Stand straight with your legs apart.
  • Bend your upper body and touch right foot with your left hand
  • Then left one with right hand.

You do not have to part your legs a lot just find the perfect position for yourself. Make sure not to bend your legs if you are beginner then it’s fine but as you proceed try not to fold your legs.

6 Side Crunches:

You can try twisted or side crunches as well.

  • Start with a crunch position.
  • This time when you get up move your right leg a little forward and touch it with left elbow.
  • Then dothe same for the other side as well.

Remember move your leg just a lot little. Don’t move your leg a lot try moving your upper body more.

7 Reverse Crunches:

  • Once again start with the same position as for the crunch.
  • This time move your legs upward without bending to exceed the 90 degree angle.

8 Bending:

It is a very simple yet effective workout.

  • Stand straight with your 1 arm straight facing upward let your other hand on your side or put it on your waist.
  • Bend towards the free side as much as you can.
  • Repeat the same for other side as well.

After doing it for 5 to 10 times you will feel a stretch on the side of your waist.

9 Belly lifting:

  • Lie straight on the mat
  • Bend your legs as we do in crunches.
  • Then lift your belly upwards while maintaining your legs on the ground.

This exercise is effective for abs and for reducing belly fat.

10 Sit ups:

Sit ups are a little similar to crunches.

  • Start with the same position as crunches.
  • Move your upper body upward and come to a sitting position.

In crunches you move a little and go down but in sit ups you have to come all the way up in a sitting position.

11 Mountain climbing:

It is a rapid exercise.

  • What you have to do is that start with a high plank position
  • Then move your legs forward and backward as if you are running or climbing.

This is a rapid exercise you have to do it with constant speed.

12 Short crunches:

These are great for upper abs.

  • For short crunches attain the same position as crunches
  • This time bring the legs little more close to the body.
  • Then just move your body and touch your knees with your palm.

Do it several times and you will feel a burn in your upper abs.

13 Flutter kicks:

  • Lie straight on the mat.
  • Bring your legs a little up and move them back and forth in the air.

Do it for several times and feel the burn in your lower abs.

14 Leg extension:

  • Lie on the mat on your elbows with legs straight.
  • Then start bending your legs towards your upper body and squeeze your legs as much as you can.
  • Then extend them and feel a little stretch in your legs.

15 Plank Jacks:

  • For plank jacks start with a high plank position.
  • Align your body and move your legs in and out continuously.

Maintain a constant pace for better results. If you are beginner you could find balancing yourself a little tricky but as you progress you will get better.

16 Deep breathing:

Last but not the least an easy thing to do is deep breathing.

  • Move your arms up as you inhale and stretch them while holding your breath.
  • Exhale the air while moving your arms at their initial position.

The basic thing here is holding your breath and stretching so do that according to your strength for maximum time.

Frequently asked questions:

1 Can I have abs and fat at the same time?

Yes you can have strong abdominal muscles because of working out but still have some fat. In this situation your abs will not be visible because they will be covered by a layer of fat just beneath the skin.

2 What if I do 100 crunches a day?

If you do 100 crunches a day your abdominal muscles could become strong and become develop but it will not help in fat reduction because as mentioned above to lose belly fat you have to lose overall body fat. If you do not have belly fat then crunches can help in enhancing your 6 pack or abs.

3 Can I get abs from ab workouts?

Yes of course. Exercises that are specifically for abdominal muscles will help in getting 6 packs or abs but you have to burn fat for that.

4 Can I do ab workout everyday?

Yes you can do ab workout everyday but it is not recommended to do a intense workout everyday. It is better to divide your days between intense and short workouts. How you divide them it’s all up to you. You can alternatively do that 3 days intense and 4 days moderate workout.

5 Sit ups or crunches which one is better for 6 pack?

Crunches. Yes crunches are better than sit ups because crunches only involves core muscles while sit up involves other muscles as well so it is better to do more crunches than sit ups for getting 6 pack or abs.

6 What is the best exercise for getting 6 pack abs?

In all the 6 pack abs workouts the best is crunches. Yes crunches are the most popular exercise for getting abs. They create pressure specifically on your core muscles which strengthen them and help in getting 6 pack abs.


There are many workouts for core and abs. We have selected some most common and most effective workouts for getting six packs and abs. You can select your favorite ones and can make a complete workout plan for yourself and remember to add a lot of protein in your diet to build the muscles. Remember there are 2 phases for getting abs. First is to get rid of belly fat. Second is to build your core muscly. If you have belly fat then reduce it first because your abdominal muscles will get stronger with these exercises but they will not be visible. Walking is a best way to reduce over all body fat. You can do other cardio exercises to reduce belly fat. Just select what suits you and start working. Consistency is the main thing here. If you are not good in any move do not leave it just try your best as you will continue to do it you will get better in it.
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