7 minute abs workout

Enhanced and visible abdominal muscles are a dream of a lot of people. Getting abs or 6 pack require time. You have to spend time on workouts especially for your core muscles to enhance them and to develop abs but in this busy routine everyone does not have that much leisure time to spend on long workouts to develop their abs. If you are also one of those busy people who do not have too much time to spend on long workouts but still desire to get those abs then do not worry. We have designed 7 minute ab workout for you.

Workout plan:

The workout plan is quite simple. For this short ab workout we have selected 7 different exercises that are mentioned below. You have to do each exercise for a complete one minute and your 7 min ab workout will be done and you do not need any equipment for this. Let’s check the exercises.
1 Bending
2 Crunches
3 Leg raising
4 Twisting
5 Mountain climber
6 Flutter kicks
7 plank jacks

Pre workout tip:

Before starting the workout make sure to do at least 2 to 3 minute warm up. You can do burpees, jumping jacks and jogging on the spot as a warm up exercises. By doing warm up you are signaling your body and muscles to open up and be ready for a workout. It increases your heart beat and breathing rate a little which helps you in performing better during your exercises.

1 Bending:

We are going to start with a simple exercise that is bending. Stand straight with your one arm on your waist and other raised up in a way that your palm face inwards. Then just bend towards the inner side as much as you can. You will feel a stretch on the side of your waist.
Get back into the initial position and repeat it for half a minute for one side and do the same with other side for other half minute.

2 Crunches:

Second exercise is quite famous for abs. Crunches are considered to be one of the best workouts for abs and 6 pack. Lie straight on a mat with your legs bended put your hands under your head and start rising up. Then go back to the initial position and repeat for one minute. Make sure that while moving up your feet stay at the floor.
If you want to challenge yourself or you want to increase the intensity as you proceed, increase your speed. Move fastly do more crunches in a minute.

3 Leg raising:

Another well known exercise for abdominal muscles. Lie straight on your mat, put your hand under your head or let them rest at side then just raise both of your legs together without bending them and repeat. That’s important if you bend your legs then pressure will not be on your abdominal muscles and the workout will not be that effective.
If you are a beginner then leg raising for one minute will be difficult for you so you can bend a little but as you proceed try to do it properly.

4 Twisting:

After the above three exercises you will feel a burn in your core muscles so the next exercise is twisting. Sit on a chair, put your arms around your waist and just move your upper body outwards without moving your legs. You will feel a stretch in the side of your waist. Hold the position for half a minute then do the same for the other side for the other half minute.
Try to twist more to get better results or to increase the intensity of workout.

5 Mountain climber:

Let’s go back to the mat for mountain climber. Start with a high plank position make sure to put your body aligned do not go too higher. Then just move your legs forward and backward like you are running or climbing a mountain. The key here is to maintain a constant pace. You can do it with moderate pace or in speed it totally depends on you. Do it for 1 minute.
Once again to increase intensity of this exercise increase your speed. The more fastly you do the more your core muscles will feel the pressure.

6 Flutter kicks:

Second last exercise of this workout is flutter kicks. Lie straight on your mat, raise your legs a little and start moving them back and forth in the air. Do not put them on ground move them in the air. This exercise is great for lower ab muscles. Continue moving them for a minute.
Once again your speed will determine the intensity of this exercise as well. Move your legs for a little distance you do not have to take them too high. Cover short distance with speed will help you in getting better results.

7 Plank jacks:

For the last exercise of this ab workout we have selected plank jacks. Start with s high plank position, align your body and move your legs in and out continuously for a minute and your 7 minute ab workout is done.
It is a little difficult to increase speed for this exercise but exercising is all about pushing yourself to do more and better so try to increase the speed as you proceed if you want to challenge yourself.

Post workout tips:

1 After completing your workout make sure to cool down. Bring heart beat and breathing rate to normal. Do deep breathing and some stretches to cool down your body.

2 In order to avoid muscle pain and cramps do stretches. Stretches help in preventing muscle pain after workout they do not completely finish them but help in reducing their intensity. Drink a lot of water as well to keep yourself hydrated and do rest of you feel too much pain after exercise. It may be because your body is not habitual of it but as you will proceed intensity of the pain will also reduce.

Frequently asked questions:

1 Do 7 minute abs workouts work?

Yes, short but intense workouts work but you should lose fat first. If you have fat then these workouts will not help you that much in giving abs instead you will see a visible difference in belly fat by doing these exercises. But if you do not have fat then yes short and workouts can help. Short and consistent workouts are better than long and inconsistent exercises do if you have a tough routine then short ab workouts are best for you.

2 Can you get abs in 7 days?

No, you cannot get abs in a week. If you are just starting now then these exercises will help you to see a visible difference in fat lose but you cannot get visible and enhanced abdominal muscles in a week like any other muscles abdominal muscles also take time to develop so consistency is the key here.

3 Can you get abs by running?

Answer to this question is also no. Running is a cardio exercise so it cannot help you in getting abs or 6 pack but it will help you in achieving the first step for getting them, that is fat loss. Walking or running helps in reducing the overall fat of the body especially belly fat. So for fat reduction running is great but for developing and enhancing your muscles running will not do anything.

4 How often should you do 7 minute abs workout?

Definitely not everyday. Like all muscles your core muscles also need rest. It is not considered to do workouts daily because your muscles get little tears that they have to repair. You can do exercise 3 or 4 days a week or you can do it by alternating the days. It totally depends on you but it necessary to get a break between your workout days.

5 Is cardio best for losing belly fat?

Yes, Cardio exercises are considered to be the best for losing fat. Running, walking, swimming and cycling are some cardio exercises that help in reducing overall fat of the body including belly fat. It is also said that in order to lose belly fat you have to lose overall body fat. So cardio exercises seem to be the best for losing belly fat or overall body fat.


7 minute abs workout is great for those who do not have time for long 30 or 45 minutes workout they can spend just 7 minutes working on their core and get results. You can do it once or twice a day. You can do it any time you want. It’s all up to you. The important thing is to do if you are not perfect in doing it then do not stop just do whatever you can and as you will proceed you will get better in it as your body will get habitual of doing workout.
The exercises that are mentioned in this workout are good to feel a burn in your core muscles and to engage them especially leg lifting, crunches and twisting. It’s all about pushing yourself to do more than you did yesterday.
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