Ab Workout In Bed

Are you not feeling like working out? But you also want to have abs. Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your bed to exercise. You can do ab workout in bed. Here is a list of 20 exercise for abs that can be done in bed.

20 ab exercises to do in bed:

Following are 20 ab exercises that you can do without leaving the comfort of your bed. The exercises mentioned below are great for strengthening and enhancing your abs. So no more excuses for not working out.

1 Criss cross reverse crunch:

  • Lie down on your elbows firmly with legs straight.
  • Criss cross your legs continuously while moving them upwards like in reverse crunch. The difference is that you have to keep criss crossing them as you move up.
  • While moving your legs down also do the criss cross motion.

2 Crunches:

You can do crunches even on your bed.

  • Lie straight with your legs folded.
  • Put your hands under your head.
  • Move your upper body up and then go down.
  • Then Lower your body to gain the initial position and repeat.

Remember you have to move your spine up not your neck. If you want you can place a pillow under your back to make your exercise more effective.
You can intensity the effect just by increasing your speed. Try doing more in one minute. Push yourself daily little by little.

3 Leg extensions:

  • Lie down with your elbows supporting your body.
  • Straighten your legs and move them a little above the bed.
  • Start bringing them towards yourself and then extend.

It’s about extending and pushing your legs. As you extend them try to do a stretch and when you bring them back try to squeeze them as much as you can. This exercise is all about stretching and squeezing as much as you can.

4 Leg circles:

For this exercise you need a pillow.

  • Use your pillow and place it in between your feet.
  • Move your legs to make a complete circle with them.

This exercise will definitely make you feel a burn in your abs and it is great for lower abs

5 Belly lifting:

  • For this exercise lie straight with your legs folded as you do for crunches.
  • Lift your belly up like if a string is pulling you up.
  • Attain the initial position and repeat.

6 Leg raises:

  • For leg raises lie straight on your bed with your hands under your head or you can rest them on side.
  • Simply just move your legs up without folding them.
  • You have to make 90 degree angle with your legs.

If you are a beginner and find it difficult fold your legs just a little bit and continue with your exercise. If you want to push your limits and increase the intensity of this exercise then you should increase your speed. The faster you do the more burn you will feel in your core muscles that will ultimately result in abs.

7 Short crunches:

  • Start with the same position as for crunches.
  • Lie straight with your legs folded.
  • This time you do not have to put your hands under your head instead just move your upper body to touch your knees.
  • Get back into the initial position and repeat.

8 Twisting:

You can do twisting in your bed as well.

  • Sit with your legs criss crossed.
  • Put your hands on your waist and move your upper body towards the outer side.
  • Move as much as you can.

You will feel a stretch in the side of your waist.

9 Toe touches:

  • For this exercise you have to lie straight in your bed.
  • Move your right leg up and use your left hand to touch it.
  • Lower your right leg and move your left leg and touch it with your right hand.

It’s like leg raising but you have to alternate sides and you have to move one leg at a time.

10 Pillow pass:

As the name suggests you need a pillow for this exercise.

  • Grab your pillow and lie straight with your arms stretched opposite to your body. * Move your legs and hands and pass the pillow to your legs.
  • Lower your legs and hands then bring them up again to pass the pillow again and repeat it.

This exercise is a modification of leg raising.

11Flutter kicks:

Our next exercise is great for your lower ab muscles.

  • Lie in your bed with the support of your elbows.
  • Move your both legs a little above the surface of bed.
  • Move them to and fro by covering a little distance.

If you want to increase the intensity and make the exercise more effective then increase your speed. The more fastly you do the more you will feel in your lower abs.

12 Alternate sit ups:

  • For alternate sit ups lie straight on your bed.
  • Move your upper body all the way up to gain a sitting position.
  • At the same time twist you upper body outwards.
  • Then go down and this time when you move up twist towards the opposite side.

So you can say that this exercise is just a combination of twists and sit ups.

13 Side crunches:

  • Start with the same position as crunches. * Move your upper body upwards and touch your right elbow to your leg or knee by moving it a little towards yourself.
  • Go down and repeat for the other side.

14 Reverse crunches:

  • Once again start with the same position as for crunches.
  • This time instead of moving your upper body move you legs up to exceed the 90 degrees angle.
  • Then put your legs down and repeat it again.

15 Russian twist chop:

This exercise is more challenging on bed than on mat.

  • Sit straight and use your core muscles to lift your legs a little bit above the ground while folding them.
  • Hold the position and move your hands side to side.

16 V shape hold:

  • Sit straight with your legs folded.
  • Use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs above the bed a little bit.
  • Place your hands on your knees and hold the position.

17 Hand flaps:

  • For hand flaps lie straight and with the help of your core muscles
  • Lift your legs while folding them.
  • Move your upper body upward.
  • Start flapping your hands and hold the position.

18 Heel touches:

  • Lie straight with your legs bended.
  • Move your shoulders upwards and curl your waist to touch your ankle or heel with your hand.
  • Alternate between left and right and repeat the process.

19 Wide cross sit ups:

  • For this second last exercise lie straight with your legs wide open.
  • Move your upper body and sit.
  • Then bend and touch your one leg.
  • Then go down and sit again and this time touch your other leg.
  • You have to repeat the process by alternating sides.

This exercise is a combination of sit ups and stretch.

20 Leg pulses:

  • For this last exercise sit straight with your arms on side for support.
  • Put your one leg straight and other folded and place your foot on the bed.
  • Now move straight leg to and fro.
  • Cover small distance.
  • Repeat it for the other leg.

This exercise also depends upon speed. You have to maintain a constant speed. If you want to increase the intensity then increase your speed. It will make you feel more burn and so will give you better results.

Frequently asked questions:

There are some questions that often people ask related to ab workouts in bed so in this section we will answer some of those questions.

1 Can you do abs on your bed?

Yes of course, you can do abs on your bed. Exercises, including ab exercises, done on bed are also effective. Some exercises are more challenging to do in bed and that’s a great thing because you will push yourself more and it will give you better results.

2 Is it bad to do ab workouts at night?

There is no specific time for working out. Time does not matter that much. The best time to do workout is the time that suits you the best. Everyone has different routine and so many people can’t do exercise in the morning. It is better to do at night than not doing it. There is no harm in doing ab workouts or any exercise at night.

3 Is doing sit ups on a bed effective?

Yes, sit ups are also effective if you do them in your bed. You can still feel that burn and the results if you do them in bed but for abs crunches are considered to be better than sit ups.

4 Should I workout my abs everyday?

No, you do not have to workout on your abs everyday as it is not considered healthy. Like other muscles your abs also need rest. When you exercise your muscles get small cuts and tears your body then repairs them which makes them stronger and visible.


Working out can be tough sometimes but if you can workout in your bed then it does not remain that hard anymore since there are no excuses to give yourself for not working out. The above 20 workouts can easily be done in your bed or if you want, you can also perform these exercises on your mat. You don’t need any special equipment, just grab your pillow and start your ab workout in bed. These exercises can also be done on mat.

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