Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pool can be a great choice for your boring backyard, to have fun and quality time with your family at the pool.

A structure designed to hold water for swimming purposes and other leisure activities is called a swimming pool, swimming bath, paddling pool, or a pool. Ancient Greek and Romans built pools for military exercises and athletic training. Roman emperors used to have private swimming pools in which they also kept fish. There are different kinds of pools, in-ground swimming pools (that are built into the ground) and above ground swimming pools (built above the ground and are portable). Above ground pool can be constructed as a part of a building or a large structure or as a freestanding structure.

These days’ people mostly consider above-ground pools as they are built to last and offer a variety of walls and linings. Above ground swimming pools offer much more benefits; they are relatively low cost as compared to in-ground pools, they are easy to maintain and installation-friendly. Installation of above-ground pools takes very less effort than in-ground pools anyone can do it.

The maintenance of above ground pools is very simple as compared to in-ground pools. Mostly the debris from surroundings can easily go into the in-ground pools as during lawn maintenance all the grass clippings can easily go into the in-ground pool while in case of above ground pool it is a fact that it sits above the ground so you don’t need to worry about the grass clippings. Keeping animals like dogs, cats, frogs, squirrels, etc away from inground pools are also a big problem but above-ground pools are high and harder for these animals to access.

Consider before you buy

Things you should consider before you buy an above-ground pool for your backyard.

Your backyard space

You should consider your yard space before choosing an above ground swimming pool. House owners with a small or large backyard can enjoy a luxurious soak in the above-ground swimming pool within a relatively small budget. Above-ground swimming pools are way more flexible than in-ground pools. If you are not a homeowner you should consider an above-ground swimming pool because they can be easily disassembled in a day and can be shifted anywhere easily.

Your lifestyle

You should also consider your lifestyle and entertainment plans before buying above ground pools. Keep in mind who will be using the pool, if the pool is for your children’s you can go for a pool that is a little more on the shallow side. No pool is safe but above-ground pools can be harder for children to access than in-ground pools. It is more likely for small children to fall into in-ground pools as they are in proximity very close to the ground. There are ladders for entering the above-ground pool which must be a hard obstacle for children to navigate.

Shape and size

Above ground, pools are available in different sizes but in 3 limited shapes; round, rectangular, and oval. It’s all up to you what size and depth you require according to your backyard size or on your preference. The diameter of round pools ranges from 10feet to 33 feet while rectangular and oval swimming pools vary from 12 X 24 feet to about 18 X 44 feet and they are about 48 to 58 inches deep. You should keep in mind what kind of space is available in your yard as if you wanted to place the pool at the corner of your yard, a rectangular pool would be a better option.

Hard-sided or soft-sided pool

Both hard-sided and soft-sided pools are amazing with lots of benefits but hard-sided pools cost less than soft-sided pools and they also require professional installation. Hard-sided pools needed a sufficient amount of ground leveling while soft-sided poles are easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to move from one place to another. But if you don’t plan to move soon, a hard-sided pool would be a better option. If you decide to go for hard-sided poles you’ll need to purchase an above ground pool liner which will enhance the pool appearance and comfort. They are available in different colors and styles, their thickness ranges from 15mm to 30mm. The thicker the pool liner the more durable they will be.

Types of above ground swimming pools

In above-ground swimming pools, there is a lot of variety for you to choose from. The frames are available in different materials such as steel, resin, or hybrid. You can choose your desired frame that is compatible with you and within your budget

Steel pools

Steel pools are being used for a long time as steel is thin so can be easily bent into different shapes. Frames for pools are usually made of aluminum, zinc, and galvanized steel. They are light in weight and easily portable; they are designed to resist deformation. Steel pools are mostly stronger than the resin pools but the drawback of steel frames is that they can rust over time unless the steel is with a galvanized coating.

Resin pools

Resin is hard plastic. Resin is an expensive material than steel but it offers lots more benefits. Resin, these days is almost used in everything such as in airplane parts. Resin is also used in the formation of above ground pools. Those pools are designed to resist outdoor elements. Resin can resist oxidation, rust, and corrosion. Steel gets heat up in sunlight while resin can resist sunlight. It can also bear the damaging effects of water. It can also resist wrapping but resin frames can be cracking over time.

Hybrid pools

Hybrid pools are made up of both steel and resin. Resin is used in the parts with more exposure to the sun and damaging effects of water. While steel is used to provide the strength to make it more durable and sustainable. Both the combination of steel and resin provides a defense against corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Radiant pools

Radiant Pools are ideal for yards with uneven grounds. Radiant pools have more benefits like in-ground pools, durable like them but in a very less amount. This is why radiant pools are also known as semi in-ground pools. Radiant frames also fit well where there are hills or slopes on the ground. They are easy to assemble with easy installation and can be customized according to the size of your yard. And the best thing about radiant frames is that they come up with a lifetime guarantee.

Inflatable pools

Inflatable pools are most easy to set up and can be easily shifted from one place to another. Infallible pools are very cheap, even more, affordable than aluminum, steel, and resin pools. Inflatable pools are taken down by inflation and deflation. But they are not very reliable because they can be susceptible to leaks and overspills.

Kidde pools

Kidde pools are specially designed for children. They are shallow, small, and inflatable. They are available in different sizes and beautiful designs as per children. Most kiddies’ pools are not very deep but parents should keep an eye on their children when they play or swim in kiddies’ pools. Do get your kids’ swimming lessons so that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Pumps and filters

Pumps and filters are very necessary to keep your pool clean. The pumps regulate the water circulation so that the water doesn’t get smelly and the filters clean the debris and other garbage to keep the water clean. Filters also clean algae and other harmful substances from pool water. Different types of pumps and filters are available and you can choose which is most suitable for your pool.

Sand filters

Sand filters are used for the purification of water. The sand filter uses silica sand the water is pushed through the filter and it removes the dirt and filters the water. When water flows through the filtration bed all the polluted elements are filtered from it. The pool water continuously and automatically passes from the sand filter to maintain the filtration cycle. And then water gets out at the bottom of the tank after filtration.

Cartridge filter

A cartridge filter is filtration equipment that is used widely for filtration purposes. A piece of the cartridge is enclosed in a casing, then the water is made to flow through the cartridge and it catches all the debris, unwanted particles, and chemicals from the liquid. Cartridge filters can run on lower water pressure than sand.

Diatomaceous earth filter

Diatomaceous earth filters are very effective and use diatoms of fossilized exoskeletons that filter the dirt and debris from the water. They are easy to maintain and installation-friendly. The shape of the D.E filter is very unique and effective to trap the debris completely; it even catches the small debris that the sand filter might miss. So you can spend more of your time swimming instead of backwashing.

Installation of above ground pools

Above ground, pools are very easy to install and the house owner can install them. But you have to be careful and make sure that you follow all the instructions and guidelines written in the manual that come up with the pool. Some pools come up with the instructional DVDs that guide step to step installation of pools.

Here mentioned some basic steps to help you with the installation of the pool but make sure you have installation supplies that contain a pool installation manual from the manufacturers, patio bricks and pavers, and a pool kit with all the accessories.

  1. Level the ground

  2. To support the outside wall assemble the track

  3. Insert vinyl liner

  4. Fill the swimming pool with water

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I buy an above ground pool instead of an in-ground pool?

Above ground, pools offer many more benefits than an in-ground pool. It is comparatively very low in price and you can choose the pool that best fits your backyard size. Above ground swimming pools are installation-friendly and you can save some money by installing them yourself. If you plan to move soon above ground pools are the best option for you because of their collapsible structure and lightweight.

2. What type of above ground pools is best for me?

Well, it’s more about personal preference and you should consider your lifestyle your backyard size before choosing an above ground pool. Who will be using the pool is an important consideration whether you are buying a pool for your small children or it will be used by the adults. You can choose the shape and size of your pool according to what best fits your backyard.

3. How to stop my above-ground pool from collapsing?

In extremely cold conditions use something solid such as a tire or a type instead of an air pillow. A heavy object will more lightly compress when the water is very cold. In extreme weather conditions disassemble your pool and when it’s not very cold wrap it around a rope to keep everything together. If any part gets damaged you can contact the dealer for the manufacturer replacement parts.

4. How to maintain my above-ground swimming pool?

Above ground, pools are very easy to maintain but proper cleaning is needed you can keep your pool’s water clean by installing the different filter mentioned above and if it smells like sewer after you drain the water of the pool, mix a gallon of water with bleach and wash the pool with that mixture it will help to clean the pool from dirt and will take away the bad smell.


Above ground, pools are way better than the in-ground pools. They are easy to maintain and installation-friendly. Their sizes and shapes make them more compatible with you. You don’t need to worry about the size of your backyard and can enjoy the luxurious soak in the pool at your own home. You can have a pool party every day at your home and a very reasonable price. You can buy above ground pools online there are so many websites and online markets offering many types of above ground pools.