Arms And Abs Workout

Looking for arms and abs workout to tone or define your upper body? Well you come to right place .These six moves helps and target your upper core. All you need is 15-minute workout by using body weight exercise to challenge both your upper body and in one quick and efficient routine. Its easy you can do that easily.

Dumbbell Arms And Abs Workout

When you use dumbbell your triceps are the antagonists, you’re going to get your heart pumping and break a major sweat .Not only will you build a lot of strength during this arms and abs workout you can make it more advanced with heavier weights.

:small_blue_diamond: Equipment needed: Pair of medium-weight dumbbells and a medicine ball (there’s a modification below if you don’t have one).

:small_blue_diamond: Time: 20 minutes

:small_blue_diamond:Directions: Set your timer for 20 minutes, and complete as many rounds of the ahead workout as you can. Aim for at least three rounds.

:small_blue_diamond: Exercise :Reps

:small_blue_diamond:Shoulder press 10 reps

:small_blue_diamond: Overhead circle 10 reps (5 in each direction)

:small_blue_diamond: Wide biceps curl 10 reps

:small_blue_diamond: Upright row 10 reps

:small_blue_diamond: Dumbbell bench press 10 reps

:small_blue_diamond: Plank dumbbell row 10 reps (5 per side)

:small_blue_diamond: Side plank with weight 10 rep

1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell shoulder press may be a popular exercise for building muscle and strength within the shoulders .This exercise is extremely helpful for ab Ab and arm workout .The triceps also exerting during this lift. Many lifters find using dumbbells to be easier and shoulder-friendly for this press variation than a barbell .This can be the first pressing movement on an upper-body or shoulder day, or an efficient accessory movement later during a workout.


  1. Builds shoulder muscle and strength.

  2. Greater potential range of motion than a barbell press.

  3. Allows natural wrist and arm rotation.

  4. Effective in low and high reps.

2. Standing Overhead Circles


While standing straight, hold a barbell plate in both hands at the 360° positions. Your palms should be facing one another and your arms should be extended and locked with a small bend at the elbows and therefore the plate should be down near your waist ahead of you as far as you’ll go. This exercise also helps to enhance shoulder range of motion and reduces the danger of injury.

Strong abs and healthy upper back will improve the performance of various physical activities and protect from upper back injuries. Everyone requiring spinal mobility and powerful core will enjoy this exercise. Standing Overhead Circles is suitable for everyone regardless of the level of fitness .primarily mobilizes and strengthens all the muscles around the midsection. Such as abdominal wall and lower back. Legs, shoulders, chest, upper back activates also as a secondary muscle groups.

3. Wide biceps Curl

Doing wide grip bicep curls on a regular basis can help bring more complete bicep development than the typical, random curls most people resort to when they don’t have a plan. This exercise is really important to strengthen your arms and core. More importantly, we want biceps (and arms in general) that are full and thick looking such that they not only look good from the side or when flexed .Curling can be completed with dumbbells, a barbell, on a pulley unit or on a machine. To perform the curl, hold the weights down by your side with your palms facing forward.

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hips-width-distance apart.

  2. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, hold your arms out wide with a slight bend in your elbows, palms facing up.

  3. Bend at your elbows, pulling the weights toward your ears.

  4. Extend your arms out wide again to complete one rep.

4. Upright Row

If you’re looking to increase shoulder and upper back strength, look no further than the upright row. This exercise targets the traps, which span the upper to mid back, and therefore the deltoids, which wrap around your shoulder. This exercise helps your arms and abs to get strengthen. Strengthening your posterior chain is hugely beneficial for functional lifestyle , especially if you sit all day.
Despite the advantages of incorporating an upright row, the exercise does have a reputation for causing injury.

5. Side Plank With Weight

The side plank is typically considered a core exercise, focused on stabilizing the spine. But it also hammers all of the stabilisers in your hips and shoulders, and relies heavily on your quads and glutes also . With a touch imagination, you’ll make the plank do almost anything. Engage your abdominals in the least times to stay the body rigid. Forget to try to to this and your body will likely sway and lose strength.

There are several other benefits for going unilateral together with your core drills. Working either side of your body separately will help identify any weaknesses in your joints and muscle, helping you address them before they become chronic issues. If you discover you’ll hold a side plank easy on one side and barely in the least on the opposite then there’s an imbalance you would like to figure on.


  1. Start on your side together with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder.

  2. Contract your core and lift your hips until your body is during a line from head to feet.

  3. Hold the position without letting your hips drop for the allotted time for every set, then repeat on the opposite side.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions related to Arms and Abs workout as follows.

1. How can I tone my arms and abs?

  1. Weight Lifting. This is a time tested exercise to reduce arm fat and have toned arms.

  2. Chair Dips.

  3. Counter Push Ups.

  4. Push Ups.

  5. Scissors.

2. Should I do abs or arms first?

It’s up to your choice. But if you always train your core at the end of your workout, it’ll never improve And that’ll only hold you back in every other lift . A strong core allows you to apply more force to a barbell, whereas a weak core decreases the amount you can apply.

Summary: There are a lot of push-ups and pressing moves in this routine . The workout itself only needs to be done once a week and should take around 20-30 minutes to complete. so if you experience any wrist issues, try placing a folded towel under your palms or perform the move while holding onto a dumbbell or modify in another way that works for you.


These exercise helps strengthen your chest, shoulders and arms. By holding two dumbbells with an overhand grip while lying flat on the floor. Start doing all the exercises which are mentioned above. Hold the weights for a moment, return to the starting position and repeat. This exercise will be beneficial That means that with some weight machines and barbells, your stronger, dominant side can do more of the work.