Best Swim Shirts

Swim shirts would work a great deal in case you are planning a trip to the beach. Whatever the weather condition is, a swim shirt can provide you great comfort and protection from the sun on the beach.

If you are planning a day out on the beach or in any pool you’ll need some basic accessories to enjoy swimming to the fullest and to swim comfortably. A swimming shirt is one of those basic accessories you’ll need for better comfort. If you are a bit shy about your beach body then rash guards are for you. In cold weather, you can go for a comfortable warm shirt and if the weather is hot and humid, some lightweight, loose tee shirts are also available for your satisfaction.

These rash guards or surf tees are available in so many beautiful and vibrant colors, many different designs and types. You can get a swim shirt that best compliments your swim trunks. Rashguard and surf tees both have their different purposes, some provide you with the best fits and others with comfort. Try not to go for a white shirt as when they get wet they can get see-through and black color is heat absorbent so try to go with some other colors that you would like yourself wearing.

As we all know swimming is a great workout for your whole body and muscles. It is a very good cardiovascular exercise and makes the whole body muscles work without putting too much strain on the joints. So if you wanna swim or want to make a career in swimming you must take care of the basic accessories needed to swim calmly and at ease. In that case, a swim shirt can offer a great deal as they give your body extra coverage and a good swimming shirt helps you swim more comfortably without getting irritated by it.

Benefits of swim shirts

If you are fond of swimming or connected to the swimming profession or any activity involving water then there come a lot of occasions when you will need a swim shirt for better coverage of your body and to protect it from suntan. Technology has evolved so much that new surf tees are made up of material that even if you’re wearing them in hot weather you will still feel cool and comfortable. Made up of quick-dry polyester that is soft on your skin and sits comfortably when it gets wet.

You can also wear a surf tee to avoid suntan as many sunscreens and sunblock are available but they get so sticky sometimes and you will need to re-apply them after few intervals of time that can be irritating so swim shirt provide you lost of benefits in that case as it protects from ultraviolet rays to +50 rating and so light in weight that you don’t feel like wearing a shirt. Swim shirts provides your body a good coverage in and out of water or on the beach from warm and cold weather conditions.

Types of swim shirts

Swim shirts are mainly of two types and these swim shirts are available for you to choose from a large variety of styles, colors, and materials. You can choose the most suitable and reliable stuff for yourself. Give them a read before choosing any swim shirt for choosing the best shirt for you.
rash guard


The rash guard can be made up of spandex, nylon, or polyester to give you the most comfortable and relaxed feel. As its name is rash guard it means that it protects your body from rashes you could get with the surfboard or from the sunburn. While surfing in hot weather it’s hard to wear swimsuits to provide chafing and getting rashes while you are sliding on and off the board and your legs while sitting on the wax surface of the surfboard. They can also protect you from starfish sting and the impacts of rapid water and waves as well.

The rash guard is also known as ‘Rash Vest’ or ‘Rashie’ it was originated in Australia where it is referred to as ‘Rashies’ or ‘Rashys’ mostly used by athletes or people involved with other water-related activities like boating, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, body surfing, body boarding or kite surfing. They are made tighter-fit so that it best fits your body and flexible so that anybody could wear them. They are durable and don’t irritate when it gets wet. Some of them also have connectors to connect them with your pants or swimming trunk so that they don’t ride up during surfing or swimming.

Rash guards are mostly worn by athletes so it is stitched flat-locked that makes it more flexible and strengthens the material for intense exercises and recreational activities. Great stitching increases its mobility as different pieces for different body parts are stitched together to lie flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it and the material used makes it more reliable, durable, quick-drying, lightweight, and antibacterial. But one of its drawbacks is that it is not for long laps swimming as more exposure to chlorinated water could make it degrade faster.

Surf tees

Surf tees also known as swim shirts or surf shirts are mainly to protect your skin from sunburn and to avoid skin cancer. They are loose-fitting shirts that can be worn on normal days as well as for any other water-based activity like tennis, gardening, boating, golfing, on a visit to water parks, playing on the beach, snorkeling on the beach, snow skiing, water surfing and lot more even as everyday clothing.

As sunscreen could not give you the best protection from harmful UV rays of the sun, can get sticky and it’s hard to apply again and again and many people also had skin allergy from chemicals of sunscreen or sunblock so swim shirt is the best option for such people as it is light in weight and provides protection from UV rays with more than 50+ rating like its offering you 98% protection from the harmful UV rays.

They come in a variety of styles and designs like swimmer athletics loose t-shirt in beautiful spectrum colors and patterns. Some also come up with a zip on the front that makes it easy for taking off and on. It does not matter whether you are swimming in your neighbor’s pool or at beach or ocean surf tees can make you feel comfortable because of their lightweight material and also get dry real quick. A suggestion is that instead of going for a white or black T-shirt choose some other vibrant colors according to your taste.

Best swim shirts for men

The main aspect of a swim shirt is to protect your body from UV rays and to give it nice coverage. Many different types of shirts are available for both men and women and make a difference with their styles, stuff, and colors. Here we will mention some of the best swimming shirts to make the choice easy for you.

Men’s long sleeve rash guard

The long sleeve rash guard offers a comfortable fit (not too tight) and it’s great for any swimming activities. Made of polyester and nylon its premium material makes it quick dry as soon as you get out of water. Provides you protection from harmful sun rays with UPF 50+ ratings. This shirt is designed loose-fitting with full sleeves and offers a large variety of colors and dozens of color combinations and styles. But it’s cons are that it is not as durable as other swim shirts and it has no loop to attach to your swim pants to prevent it from riding up.

Rashguard swim tee

Many designers and brands offer a large variety of swim shirts and suits. Rashguard swim tee offers both the benefit of a rash guard and also of the swim shirt as it is not too tight neither loose and gives a flattering cut, and can protect from UV rays. This shirt gives your body nice coverage and offers great quality and durability. Half sleeves offer a wide range of motion but not available in too many colors and you will need to check the size of the shirt as per design the size runs large and in case you want a nice fit go for a smaller size than usual.

Apparel performance T-shirt

If you are living an active outdoor life this shirt works wonders for you in case of any outdoor or water-related activity like boating, surfing, fishing, rowing, or sailing its airy fit gonna provide you a lot of comforts. And it is a full sleeve t-shirt but sometimes cut tighter at the armpits area to give it a good look. The best thing about this shirt is that it uses some antimicrobial technology that keeps it odorless for a long time even in humid weather. Who does not want this feature?. It is also famous for its incorporation of moisture-wicking properties and does not stick with your skin. It is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. But in case you wanna hide your body imperfections with a loose T-shirt this shirt won’t go best with you because of its thin fabric.

Best swim shirts for women

Best swim shirts are those in which you feel comfortable and they fulfill all your demands. Just like men’s large variety of swim shirts is available for women to wear on the beach or for swimming for better coverage. For women’s a wide range of colors and styles are available in the market that you can also look beautiful and trendy with a swim shirt.

Long-sleeve swim shirt

These swim shorts are made of high-quality polyester material that protects your body from harmful UV rays and also makes you look good with its good cut and fit just according to your body. They have full sleeves for better coverage and help well to protect your body from the harsh chemicals of the pool water. They are available in lots of patterns and many bright and bold colors. Now you can freely spend more time in the water or on the beach.

Basic skin rash guard

Basic skin rash guard is the most popular and comfortable rash guard for women. Made with a mixture of polyester and spandex to give your body a unique contour and fit. Spandex is a stretchable material that makes it easy to slip in and out of a shirt. This shirt is too light in weight like around 6 ounce that means no weight but still provides you 98% protection from the UV rays and it’s highly durable, soft, simple, and anything you need in a swim shirt. A large variety of colors is available from solid colors to mild and light colors. This shirt dries very quickly when you get out of water.

Everflex 1.5mm Long Sleeve Rash Guard

A great choice for women that are swimmers, sailors, or surfers heading to any tough water related job this suit provides you all the necessary warmth. More than any swimsuit that you need to climb from head to toe this rash guard comes up with a zip-up front, a fleece-lined interior that makes it more comfortable to take off and on. Made with neoprene 1.5mm material provides you with warmth, comfort, and softness while the texture is strengthened enough for any intense activities and made with a solvent-free glue that makes it durable and the best choice for water activity. Its unique and full sleeve design also makes it more compatible with body coverage and protection from the sun in case of long time exposure to the sun.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Below given the answer to all of your queries related to swimming shirts.

Q.1 What is a swim shirt called?

A swim shirt is mostly known as ‘rash guard’, ‘rashies’ or ‘rashys’. It is also called swim tees, surf tees, or surf shirts. Rash guards are tight-fitting shirts that are mostly worn by the athletes while the surf tees or surf shirt is mostly loose or can be the free size for better comfort and coverage.

Q.2 What is the best swim shirt?

Swim shirts or surf tees are worn to give your body better coverage in case you are beach body shy or to protect your body from harmful UV rays. The above mentioned some of the best swim shirts for both men and women.


If this weekend you are planning for some water-based activities, don’t forget to get yourself a good swim shirt that best fits you and provides you good coverage comfort, and does not stick to your skin if it gets wet. Swim shirts are of two types: rash guard and surf tees or surf shirt and their purpose are to protect your body from getting rashes from your surfboard in case you are surfing and protection from the UV rays. Swim shirts are comfortable, simple, and they use anti-bacterial techniques to keep them odor-free for a long time. A large variety and beautiful and bold colors are available in them for both men and women. Just get ready to conquer the ocean.