Designer Swim Trunks

If you’re looking with something easy to wear on the local beach, or you’re trying to flex in the beach club, it’s a good time to upgrade your designer swim trunks. The truth is these days, the very best men’s swim trunks are built to double as the best shorts of the season…

Designer Swim Trunks

Best Men’s Swim Trunks

Perhaps the last thing on your mind is the best men’s swim trunks. You may not be planning to swim all that much right now, but that doesn’t mean you don’t necessarily need a new swimsuit. From the fit to the fabric to the specifics, they’re meant to work seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe, and they’re not going to look your hair out of place, whether you’re hanging out at home.

Nonwe Men’s Swimming Trunks

If you’re looking for a soft and comfortable pair of swim trunks, then you can’t go wrong with the Nonwe Men’s Swim Trunks. What’s more, these trunks are made of 100% polyester materials that mean that you’ll be able to wear the trunks for a longer period of time.

Kanu Surf Men’s Swimming Trunks

Kanu is actually one of the best established brands in the world when it comes to swimming lifestyle products. When they started back in 1997 in New York, Kanu made door-to-door sales to expand the brand (real hustlers). Over the years, Kanu has managed to build its market presence and is actually one of the best out there. So when you see Kanu on a product, you should know it’s a high-quality product. And that’s 100% true for that.

SILKWORLD Men’s Swim trunks

High-quality fashion trunks are what you can get when ordering SILKWORLD trunks. It’s got an elastic waistband with a drawstring to adapt the tightness to your waist.

The quick-drying fabric is lightweight and allows you plenty of breathable space so that your body can get some fresh air. The trunks also have a storage capacity with double-sided pockets and a Velcro pocket on the back.

Best swim trunks

Best mid-thigh swim trunks for men

Men are definitely going to be shorter. The vintage-inspired mid-high fit is certainly the look of the moment.

Shorts of Patagonia Baggies

They are technically sold as shorts, but they are made of fast-drying nylon, have a mesh liner, and are designed for use in and out of the water, so the experts still refer to them as swim trunks. With a five-inch inseam, Baggies offers you the same mid-thigh fit that high-end brands do, but they’re more affordable and multipurpose. They are the perfect length, come in several color choices, and it’s an enticing price point.

Strong and stripped swimming trunks

With an inseam of 4.75 inches, these Sturdy & Striped trunks can be used as a dressier alternative to Baggies. Besides being a little shorter, it’s more form-fitting, and the glossy fabric makes a point.

Best top-knee swim trunks for men

The mid-high look isn’t for everybody. If you choose to be less trendy, or just prefer not to expose too much skin, the more standard above your knee fit is still a classic. These are important in the classical navy. Nothing unique about this pair that makes it so special. Between the color and the fit, it’s for the guys who want something dumb.

Timothy Swim Shorts on Saturdays

If you like the traditional, slightly loose, over-knee fit but want something a little less conventional, consider these Saturdays swim trunks. We love the color of the summer peach, but there’s also a bunch of other choices in the same fit. You can wear it to the beach or you can put it on a long-sleeve tee and a pair of vans.

Nautica Color Black swimming trunks

Celebrity stylist trunks are also on a retro look. Trunks want something that blends retro style with modern design sensitivity, and these Nautica Color block trunks are one of the best on the market.

Top knee swim trunks

Best Affordable Swimming Trunks

If both of the two were responsible for introducing the swimwear-as-short campaign, it would be Patagonia Baggies. For nearly 40 years now the warm weather bottoms of hardcore mountaineers, deep-sea fishers, camper van lifers, committed Deadheads, and backyard-grilling dads around the world have been the hallmarks.

More recently, as the fashion world has gravitated toward functional, outdoor gear and they have also been embraced as the summer uniform for a certain strain of style.

Buyer’s Guide

As in any purchasing decision, you will first have to decide exactly the product you are choosing to purchase by going through a variety of main factors that will determine whether or not your product is worth it. Truth is told, with swim trunks, you don’t need a complete list of 10+ features to look after. Just a few of them are important, very vital. Fit and slim swim trunks would be ideal for the latter, as would shorter swim trunks. That’s because they reduce the drag and feel in the water.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are the swim trunks of the chubbies?

This is a classic swim trunk model with a 4-way cotton fabric, 5.5 inseam and adjustable drawstring waist.

2. Why are swimming trunks so expensive?

They’re really stretchy. Stretchable fabrics that revolutionized women’s swimwear in the 1960s are more costly than many other materials, including for example, the sturdy nylon or cotton used in men’s swimwear.

3.Why don’t men’s swim trunks have liners on them?

Don’t put on socks for them. The goal of not having it is to prevent the sand from getting stuck in the liner.
Men's Swim Trunks


And the final example I can think of is when you’re traveling with business associates and friends and you’re staying in a hotel and then you’re heading to the spa to avoid the hustle and bustle of daily work and just relax. Swim trunks in conservative length do a pretty good job. Often, try hard and dark shades, the navy blue fits pretty well. This will give you a professional look in front of your colleagues’ eyes.

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