Freestyle swimming

Freestyle Swimming

Freestyle swimming is one the most essential swimming stroke in the world. Every beginner swimmer should learn it. It is the most famous swimming stroke. Freestyle swimming is also called front crawl. It is fastest way of swimming as you can cover huge distance in short time duration. Swimmers use it in swimming competitions, with the help of this swimming style swimmers gets the fast speed to cover the huge distance, they can swim in whatever style they want to swim, that’s why this swimming style is called free style swimming.

How to do “Freestyle Swimming”?

  • Push and Glide
  • Do the kicks
  • Move the arms
  • Practice correct breathing
  • Start with your arms
  • Do the back sweep motion
  • Recover

1- Push and Glide:-

Commonly people enter into pool and start pushing the pool’s walls in freestyle swimming method. They keep the concept of streamline in their mind when they start swimming. In streamline concept you have to maintain your body position in narrow angle, than you have to move in the water in such a way that you reduce the drag amount. You also need to set up you head’s position for freestyle swimming.

For freestyle swimming you need to look at the bottom of the pool in this way your head and neck will be in a natural position. When you see at the bottom of the pool your legs will go higher on the surface of the water. So in this method you will be able to speed up your body’s movement in the water.

When you set up your head’s position in natural state this will also help you lift up your hips, this will help you kick more easily and quickly.

For freestyle swimming you have to maintain you upper body as lower as you can do in water, this will make your lower body up in the water. You need to start strong flutter kicks to experience good freestyle strokes. In freestyle swimming your legs will be on the surface of the water.

Do the Kicks:-

Commonly people who are beginners face problems in kicking, they usually kick too much or too big. One thing keep in mind that your arms, breathing and your body positioning plays very important role while freestyle swimming.

When you start kicking too much and to big, it will ruin your body and also disturb your body’s positioning, anyhow it will also slow your speed. While in freestyle swimming you just have to kick in simple manner.

In freestyle swimming you have to use short, fast, and straight kicks form your hips. Your legs should be almost straight. Don’t use taller kicks which are more than 12” height as they consume more energy and also will disturb your body position which is necessary for freestyle swimming.

Move the arms:-

The Catch:-

The catch is a process in which swimmer’s arms pull water in opposite position to move your body. There should be no gap between your fingers while you are swimming, you have to pressed your fingers with each other in such manner that water could not slide through.

Your hands will play the role of cups with the help of which you will move in the water, but they are not like fully curved or fully flat. You have to move your hands in water in such a way that they enter about 12 to 16 inches of the water in front of you, and there must be an angle of 45 degree between water and your shoulder.

EVF (Early Vertical Forearm):-

During swimming when you extend your arm fully and hand’s fingertips goes towards the bottom at that moment you have to maintain your forearm vertical. This set will helps you to move forward by pulling water behind.

Pull Phase:-

Continue moving your arms to down wards at the elbow, this will help to move front. Don’t allow your arms you movie from the center of your body because this will not able you to move straight.

Practice correct breathing:-


Breathing is very important part of freestyle swimming. All you have to do is to maintain your head neutral and don’t move it in forward or up position, if you do this then this will waster a lot of energy.

In freestyle swimming when you take a stroke with one arm then you will notice that as you reach forward then your upeer body part will rotate to the side. At the moment your head and nack will will also rotate towards one side, On this moment you just have to keep one eye under water and take a breath.

The position of your opposite arm should be straight towards this surface of the water in front of you. This stream line position of your opposite arm will maintain your momentum continuously and you will be swim forward easily but if you will not focus on your opposite arm while you breath and accidently you will pull your arm down from the surface of the water this position will stop you to swim continuously in the forward streamline.

Start with your arms:-

In freestyle swimming the motion of your arms is another very highlighted part .during all the swim time the motion of your arms will relays on pulling and recovery.

Inn pulling set your arms in a position that your palms facing down towards the ground surface.

Pulling a straight line with slightly bending your elbows with your body. keep in mind that the bend of your elbow must be in the position like side of upper thigh. the mostly experts swimmers uses a s- pull stunt .in this way they may pull more better.

Recovery is the other stunt for arm movement in freestyle swimming lifts your arm outside of the water while bending elbow and your hand close to upper thigh. Enter in the water by using the tips of your fingers slowly and bend your elbow forward on the surface of water.

Use simultaneously Both hands in alternately while using thes two movements .

Do the back sweep motion :-

When you are going to do downward motion, you should bring forearm and hand under your body. Just grab the water with hand to backward to move forward.

when you are doing this, your body should roll back to the other side.


In freestyle swimming your should roll to the other side when your hand exits the water, you have to turn your head and breath and then take another stroke.

You should not uplift your head while doing all this. Your kicks should be in constant rhythm. Gluteus muscles and feet plays very important role in kicking as they do all work.

What is the best swimming stroke for weight loss and benefits of different types of strokes?


  • It burns fewer calories than all other strokes.
  • If a person swims for about 30 minutes than it will burn about 200 calories.
  • breaststroke is best cardiovascular workout.
  • It helps to improve the performance of lungs and heart while toning thighs lower legs, triceps and upper back.
  • It is also very helpful in improving chest muscles.


  • It burns more calories than breaststroke.
  • It burns about 250 calories if someone swims for 30 minutes.
  • keep practicing to be straight in the water, it will help you to straighten your spine to help you look taller as compare to hunched.
  • backstroke stunt will help your stomach buttocks legs arms and shoulders to be properly toned.
  • It is also very wonderful for those who are bound to work in office and great for making your hips flexible.


  • It is fastest form all other strokes mention above so it burns more calories than mention above.
  • It burns about 300 calories if someone do swimming for about 30 minutes.
  • Freestyle helps your muscles, stomach, shoulders and buttocks.
  • Freestyle swimming strokes are highly recommended when it comes to tone up the back muscles this is the most effective among the four


  • Butterfly is very difficult stroke and on top of all other strokes in burning.
  • It burns about more than 450 calories in just 30 minutes.