How many calories does swimming burn?

1. How many calories do swimming burns?

How many calories do swimming burns completely depends on your body weight, how much time you had spent on swimming, with how much speed you had swim.

I.e. if a person has 200 pound weight and he had swim for about one hour with the speed of 20 second length pace then he will burn about 950 calories.

Same as if a person has a weight of 130 pound weight and he will swim for about one hour and with a 60 second length pace then he will burn about 360 calories.

People commonly think that how much calories they have burn while swimming. It is just like observing your intake calorie and calorie exertion. It is a fact that swimming is very effective in burning calories. People those who are facing injuries, they have a good option for burning their body calories as it is a non-impact sport.

People usually think that swimming is very easy but as compared to other sports like cycling or running, swimming is much harder. You will only know it when you jump into a pool and try it.

The question “how many calories do swimming burn?” If you want to know that then you have to know that what is the procedure of estimation of energy used while a particular physical activity, for this purpose they use the unite called MET.

It will be measured that how harder you are working as compare to you rest condition. In rest condition you body will burn about 1 MET. 1 MET is equal to 1 calorie. For calculating how much calorie does swimming burns or any other activity burns you must know your body weight and how much METs costs while doing that particular activity. For this purpose you can get help from online calculator. While using online app you just have to enter your
body weight and duration of swimming or any other activity.

According to research normally body burns about 3.5METs or about 223 calories to 8.3 METs or 528 calories, if a person swim for about one hour with a normal speed. Somehow different types of exercises burn different amounts of calories.

What Factors are involved in calorie burning while swimming:-

How many calories dose swimming burns depends on different factors? Those are appended below.

Your Body:-

It is facts that body varies from person to person some people have more weight or over weight and some or less weight.

If someone has more weight then he will use more energy to swim and he will burn more calories, and if someone has less weight then he will do less effort to swim this will burn his calories less as compare to others who have more weight.

We can also understand it as that a person who has large body with heavy weight will cover more area in weight then he will have to face more resistance due to which he has to use more effort to swim which will burn his calories more, and a person who has small body will automatically covers less area of water and he needs less effort to swim due to which his body will burn less calories.

So now we can clearly see the difference of weight loss among the people who have heavier boy and those with small bodies. It is clear that the small weight body will loss less calories than the heavier one.

Your swimming speed:-

Swimming speed also plays very important role on burning calories as if a person swim with slow speed which may take very less energy due to which calories are less burn but if a person swim with fast speed which takes high energy consumption and results in more calories burning.

Swimming with fast speed may face high level of resistance as compare to slow speed swimming. So if someone swims with fast speed then his calories will burn more.

Your Swim Stroke:-

Stroke plays very important role in burning calories, for example when someone performs a butterfly stroke then his calories will burn more as it is a very hardest stroke and very technical also. When someone performs it is doing dolphin kick and at the same time his/her arms are coming fully overhead, anyone can one do it when his whole body engage in stroke.

Whenever someone performs a stroke he wills probably kicking. Just like butterfly stroke other strokes treading water, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle or crawl burns high amount of calories.

Rate of Calories burn due to Swimming Breaststroke Per Hour:-

If a person swims about one hour then it will burn about 300 to 570 calories, but if he swims for about 30 minutes then the amount of burning calories will be about 150 to 270 calories. It depends on weight and speed also if a person do it will heavy weight then his calories will burn more as compare to a less weight person. Speed plays same like weight fast speed results more reduction of calories and slow speed will leads to less reduction in calories.

If someone swim in front of crawl then his calories will be reduce 10% more than breaststroke.

How many calories do you burn doing the breaststroke vs. backstroke?

If a person having 200 pound weight and he will performs breaststroke for about 60 minutes then his calories will be reduce less than same person who performs backstroke for same time period, which is about with breaststroke 457 calories and with backstroke 505 calories.

What burns more calories running or swimming and which is better?

It is a fact that running burn more calories than swimming. It is around 70% more calories. Somehow running is not easy for overweight people or the people who are suffering from injuries, injuries due to which they cannot run. Swimming requires less effort then running. The people who cannot run can start swimming.

Benefits of Swimming:-

1- A whole-body workout:-
Swimming is a whole body workout as you have to move your arms, legs stomach and torso. It also increases the body heart rate. It does not put stress. It also improves efficiency of different body muscles, and enhances body fitness. People who have fear about their weight and are not able to manage it they should have to do swimming.

2- Building Cardiovascular Strength:-
Swimming is very helpful to strength the circulatory system, lungs and heart. People who are suffering from blood sugar they should try it, it will helps them in controlling their blood sugar. High blood pressure is also very common in now these days, every second person is suffering from it swimming is can also lower blood pressure.

3- Suitable for all ages and fitness levels:-
Some people are not well aware of benefits of fitness and exercises and they might have never done exercises before, so this might be difficult for them to start fitness exercises, so they will feel uncomfortable.

Those people who are new in the era of swimming, they will become expert as the time passes because the swimming will let them to their own pace. So the new joiners will take more after their first swimming session.

As we know it is difficult for beginners to swim faster so that’s why there are many platforms for the beginners to learn safe and fast swimming, these swimming pools are specially design for new comers.

4- A great Skill to have:-
Swimming is a great skill as it will enhance your mental fitness as well as your physical activities. This will helps you to build up wonderful stamina.

This is a great skill and ability to save someone life in case of emergency drowning.

5- Good for people with injuries:-
Those people, who are suffering from injuries such as arthritis, are not able to do exercise as it is difficult for them. Exercises leave high-impact on their body.

Swimming is best for such people as they are unable to do high impact exercises, water s very supportive for muscles.

6- Good for people with disabilities:-
Disable people are unable to perform their daily tasks as well as they also unable to do workout, due to which they face many problems.

As water is very supportive for muscles, it also provides resistance. Such people find swimming as a last option for their survival as swimming is very helpful for burning facts.

7- Helping with Asthma:-
Swimming is very helpful in increasing breath control and lung capacity.

8- Safe during pregnancy:-
Doctors usually recommend swimming to pregnant people. Women who are pregnant are suffering from joint and muscle pains due to increase in weight. As water supports muscles it also do the same with weight.

9- Burning Calories:-
It is very safe and easy way of burning calories also, for such people who can don’t able to do any other exercise due to their heavy weight.

10- Helping to improve sleep:-
Those people who exercise regularly are able to sleep much better than those who exercise less, it is a research made on insomnia ( Sleeplessness ) patients, that if they spend some of their time in swimming they will sleep regularly.

11- Boosting moods:-
Endorphins actually improves the mood, exercise like swimming releases endorphins as the result it affects the person’s confidence, self esteem, and social skills. So swimming may prove as a mood booster.
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