Standing Abs Workout

Standing abs workout is the leading way to the perfectly proportioned body for the people who dread crunches or planks. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily become habitual to the standing workout as it involves several different yet easy exercises warming you up from the beginning.

Man and Woman stretching

Tips for Standing Ab Workout

Tips are the important basic points necessary to be known before initiation of any kind of work. The tips for doing such kind of workout are not much difficult to follow. By following these tips you can easily start even as a beginner.

1. Stretch
Stretching is the basic initial step of arms and abs workout. It is necessary for warming up of the body. Stretching also loosen up your muscles and improves the flexibility of your body.

2. Strength
Strength is the power of your body i.e. how much and how far you can bear the workout. Because as your body becomes stretchable it is now time to increase the strength of it by practicing exercises that involve more engagement of your core or abdominal muscles. The more you practice, the better will be the strength.

3. Build
As soon as you know that your muscles are strengthen enough to go for the next level, you have to be ready for the upcoming challenge. Intensify the workout session by adding weights according to your strength or by increasing the time period of each workout.

4. Define & Tone
This is the last tip or stage for ab workout in standing position. It does not involve much of anything, the options or exercises are more advanced including larger equipment such as TRX strap, barbells, etc.

Standing Ab Workout with No Equipment

Benefits of working out is uncountable and for it equipment are not much necessary either. The initial workouts for beginners involve stretching and warming up of the body making your body ready for higher intensity exercises. Stretching activates your core, try to hold for 30 to 40 second.

1. Side Reach

  • Stand straight with your arms at your side.

  • Your feet should be slightly apart.

  • Take a breath and lift your right arm above your head.

  • Lean towards the left side stretching your right side of the body.

  • Similarly lift your left hand and stretch left side of the body.

  • Do this for few seconds straight.

woman trying to touch toes

2. Forward Fold

This kind of stretch involves your full body and will get everything warm and is among the best at home abs workout.

  • With your feet closed stand straight.

  • Take a breath and then exhale. Bend forward at your hips so that your head is on the knee level and your hands touch the ground.

  • While doing so try to keep your legs straight. But if you can’t, then bend them slightly so that your hands can touch the ground.

3. Hip Hinge

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart and hands on your hips.

  • Inhale and bend forward from the waist.

  • Keep your shoulders back and straight your back.

  • Bend until you can feel the stretch in your abs.

  • Release the breath and return to the original position.

These exercises can be very good for body stretching. After doing so, try to strengthen your ab muscles without using weights by trying intense movement until it feels like nothing.

4. Knee Tuck Extension

  • Bend your arms and put your hands behind your head.

  • Curve your waist and bend your knee upward trying to touch the elbow.

  • Do the same thing with the other side too.

  • Keep the movement to the side of your body.

5. Single-leg Dead Lift

This particular kind of exercise challenges your body balance and is unilateral movement.

  • Open your feet shoulder width apart and stand straight.

  • While releasing the breath bend from your waist in a way that one of your leg straight out backwards and both of your hands are straight out forward

  • Keep your back straight so that your body will be in a straight line balancing on one leg.

  • Hold this position for few seconds and then return back to the original position.

Woman doing squat

6. Squat

  • Stand straight and hold your hands together in front of you.

  • Keeping your back and chest straight, try to sit down with your knees bend coming out in front of you.

  • Bend until your thighs are parallel.

  • Push yourself back up straight to your feet.

7. Wide Side Crunch

  • Open your legs wide apart and sink so that your knees are bend in a sitting position.

  • Put your hands behind your head.

  • Take a breath and bend your upper body to the right stretching your left oblique.

  • Do the similar procedure to the other side as well.

Starting out as a beginner try stretching your body with side reach, forward fold or hip hinge. Once stretched, strengthen your body by choosing the exercise which is slightly advanced so that your body can gain power to handle weights and other advanced movements.

Standing Ab Workout with Weights

Standing ab workouts with weights are higher intensive form of exercises usually meant for those who have body habitual and trained to such exercises. The workouts generally involved are kettlebell, dumbbells, or medicinal ball ab workout, etc.

1. Reverse Lunge with a Twist

  • Stand with your feet closed.

  • Hold the dumbbell of light weight in your hands in front of your body.

  • Take a huge step backward with right leg, but not touching the ground with your knee.

  • Rotate your arms along with your torso while holding that position.

  • Stand back to the start and repeat it with left leg.

2. TRX Oblique Rollout

  • Adjust the TRX strap up to waist level and stand in front of it.

  • Take one handle in each hand and allow your body to fall forward.

  • Straight your arms above your head while falling so that your body will be straight from fingers to heels.

  • Lower yourself as much as you can or as far as you know you will be able to bring your body back in the standing position.

  • Return back and repeat.

Man and woman doing TRX rollout

3. Kettlebell Windmill

  • Put your left leg slightly out while standing.

  • Hold the kettlebell in your right hand overhead.

  • Putting all the pressure on the right leg and keeping it locked, bend from the hips to the left side of body.

  • Try to touch the ground with left hand while staring at the weight in the right hand and keeping it locked too.

4. Barbell Landmine Rotation

  • Stand in front of barbell present in landmine rotation.

  • Grab the end of it with both hands and stand in a way that your arms are extended.

  • Move the barbell to the left hip, twist your torso along with it.

  • Rotate the trunk while bending the knees and bring the barbell up and to the left hip.

  • Remember to keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are standing ab workouts effective?

Yes standing ab workouts are very much effective. They can work more muscles than the normal crunches and planks. The entire core, from your back to your hips is affected by it. Another most obvious excuse of doing standing workout is that majority of the people dread doing the crunches or planks.

Is biking good for abs?

Biking is not only good for your lower abs but a tough and intensive workout session on bike is very efficient for your heart, lungs and other major muscles of your body. Biking is good option for lower ab workout for women. It is helpful in stabilizing and strengthening your abs too.

How long does it take to get abs?

This question depends on how often you do ab workout?. And to know that whether or not your hard work is paying off you should be able to access your weight loss or body fat because of workout. According to American Council, 1% fat loss per month means that your target is achievable.
This means that if a woman has average body fat than it could take almost 26 months to achieve target body fats. Similarly a man having average body fat could take 20 months to get six packs.


Standing ab workouts can be a very good addition to your normal routine exercises. All you have to do is follow the tips i.e. stretch, strength, build and tone. And for those who wonder Can you workout your abs everyday?, yes you can and these standing workouts are very feasible examples of everyday exercise.