Swimming With Dolphins

Have you ever heard about swimming with dolphins?. Swimming with dolphins is one of the pleasant feelings in the world where everyone is depressed.

Swimming with dolphins started in the early 1980s and 1990 when the aquatic trainers found the swimmers felt satisfaction and felt a lot of relaxed. And because they also experience and enjoy a lot. As we know, dolphins are included in mammal species and we homosapiens(humans) also belong to mammal species. Trainers have found that swimming with dolphins increases the affection between man and the dolphins. That’s why swimming with dolphins attracts large numbers of tourists or visitors towards them.

Many dolphinariums offer to swim with the dolphin as an activity. It’s quite famous around the world and people love to swim with dolphins. Many dolphinariums also offer interaction with the dolphin you can say riding a dolphin but in some dolphinariums, they do not allow to hold the dolphin fins and get dragged by it as it could be harmful to the animal. But there are still a lot of people who do this activity. Even there are coaches out there to train you or for some additional interaction with the dolphins at those dolphinariums, rather than just taking pictures and videos as memories with the dolphins. These dolphinariums will also cost you money for a session with the dolphin about $75 to up to $200 per person.

Dolphin a friendly mammal

Dolphins are considered friendly mammals. They are the friendliest creatures in the world. The skin of the dolphin is rubbery, smooth with colors of the white and black mixture. They have long beaks and are also known for their acrobatic and spinning leaps. They have fins on their sides and are slim animals. They possess a fat layer (bubble layer) just beneath their body.

Dolphins live in a freshwater environment. Their life threat is noisy water. Dolphins also possess a brain that is considered to be double in weight than the human brain. So, the dolphins are amongst the intelligent creatures on the earth. Dolphins like to play and enjoy the water. They are caught by blowing bubbles of water.

But swimming with dolphins is a threat to their life. According to research on dolphins’ life, it tells about dolphins that it spends its nights offshore looking for fishes and it sleeps in the day time so these swimming activities with dolphins affect their sleep. A study in Hawaii shows that the number of snipper dolphins has decreased on the shore since the 1990s and the researchers think that might be because of the increasing numbers of tourists disturbing their sleep.

Benefits of swimming

As we know swimming is included in aerobic exercises and it is one of the healthiest exercises considered by physicians. Swimming does wonders for our body health as well as mental health It should be mandatory in schools, colleges, and universities. It helps in building and the strengthening of muscles, plays a pivotal role in cardiovascular health, tones and massage the body, helps to increase the height of a person, and also detoxifies the body from harmful drugs or chemicals that are dangerous or harsh to our health

Suitable environment

Basically to ensure swimming with dolphins requires a specific environment. Most dolphins live in freshwater shores and get their food from water but at some seas, they manage some programs for dolphins accustomed to getting food. It has been seen that there are three types of environment which allow swimming with dolphins.

Artificial pools

Artificial pools are the pools that are artificially specially designated by humans. They are made perfectly to look like an ocean by creating fake shorelines, simulated sand, and artificial rockwork. These are man-made and have been found that these pools attract a large number of visitors because of their delightful and adorable decoration
artificial pools


Seas are the best places for these wild mammals as these beautiful creatures are too large to be confined in a small concrete tank. They love to live in oceans and have streamlined bodies that means they can travel to large distances with great speed. Dolphins are very intelligent mammals with the ability to navigate, explore, and hunt; they have an everlasting need for open spaces of an ocean full of challenges, boundless activities, and a variety of life. It is the type of environment in which fresh or marine water exists. Freshwater is something that has more advantages than marine water. Freshwater mammals drink a large amount of water and excrete dilute urine.

Natural demarcated areas

These natural demarcated area environments are the natural habitat of dolphins. These are adjacent to the sea and share their water and their sea bed. Dolphins could live in this environment peacefully.

Activities with the dolphin

  • Swirling: dolphin exhibits a concentric circle when a swimmer around it. It generates a lot of energy and movement toward the swimmer

  • Kiss: dolphins kiss and spout on the cheeks of the swimmer. It seems to be delightful and something admirable

  • Hug: Dolphin also possesses a pectoral girdle. The dolphins hug the swimmer generously and affectionately with its half body out of water. During this act, some water waves are flowing upward and that moment belongs to watching. The whole crowd seems attracted toward this worth chasing moment.

  • Push: the number of dolphins differs vary. When one or more than one dolphins are present they pull the swimmer with their feet. The swimmer also enjoys that moment. The swimmer starts capturing that moment in the eyes of his brain

  • Jump: As dolphins can freely move and float on water besides, they can also jump in the water. When the dolphin jumps all the water splashes on the viewer’s face. That moment is also capturable with the eyes of beauty

  • Dance: The most magical moment starts when the dolphin starts dancing in the water. The swimmer knows how to force the dolphin to dance. He has a master plan. He holds the pectoral fins of the dolphin, the smoother and softer body of dolphins starts tickling and the dolphin begins to dance to the beat.

  • Singing: the dolphins have a characteristic sound. The dolphins become so happy that she begins to sing in a chorus. As it is the characteristic of mammals when they are in the feeling of pleasure or happiness, they can’t stop themselves by showing their feelings. And singing is one of them.

  • Signaling: The dolphins also show some kinds of signals to express what they exactly want at that time. The swimmer should learn all the signals and it is so important, otherwise, he would have a bad experience.

  • Time for interaction: The swimmer should have an opportunity to make contact with the dolphins. When the dolphin feels safe with the swimmer then she will give her best performance and the swimmer should have some sort of experience.

Benefits of swimming with dolphins

Around us, some people are facing depression and anxiety. The world of today is becoming so stressful, polluted, and toxic that the survival of human beings is also in danger. But we are lucky that we live in an era of the 20th century, and places are abundant where one can feel relaxed and stay calm. The dolphinariums provided all over the world such places where such activities and performances have been performed.

  1. Playing with dolphins reduces depression

  2. Create more awareness for animals

  3. It induces a person with feelings of high confidence.

  4. Helps to create more neurogenesis in the brain.

  5. This activity releases the hormone dopamine in the brain which is also a love hormone.

Therapy with dolphin

Swimming with dolphins is considered therapy. The etymology of the word "therapy " is derived from the Greek word therapie which means “to heal”. It has now been worldwide accepted that dolphins also have healing powers. It heals more rapidly than any other mammal species on earth. Furthermore, when the shark bites the dolphin it heals itself because of its remarkable healing powers. The scientist considered that humans can seek guidance from the dolphins in how they immediately build up their stem cells and tissues and heal their injuries. The modern researches have shown that the autistic children (the disease in which the children face difficulties in social and public communicative skill, inactive communication, bad body postures especially when in public, poor eye contact ) enjoy the dolphin-swim therapy and their results are also long-lasting ( maybe up to 2 years).

Reasons you should never swim with dolphin

Are you planning to spend a weekend at any seashore or any dolphinarium to have some fun and to have quality time with your family? You might have planned this after seeing some pictures of smiling dolphins and laughing kids but that’s not the reality. We will discuss some reasons why you should reconsider your decision of spending your day with dolphins

Dolphins are not smiling

Dolphins appear as they are smiling but that’s not the truth that’s just the shape of their face. As dolphins are wild animals but as they are kept in concrete pools and are forced to exhibit unnatural behavior such as waving, walking, and speaking for the entertainment of the tourists. These captive dolphins are under great stress as they have to bear the interaction with human and noisy crowds that destroy the eco locations so that stress could lead dolphins to be a threat to your life. Be aware of their smile.

Life in captivity

You may have heard that life in captivity is no life at all. Dolphins are wild mammals and belong to the wild. They can swim to a distance of more than 40 miles a day and when these creatures are kept in small tanks it’s too uncomfortable for them. They could not swim freely and in hot weather, they used to swim deeper to escape the heat but in those tanks, it is almost impossible to escape from the sun rays.

It’s not safe for you and also for dolphin

Dolphins are predators of the ocean. They can also kill the shark and are also harmful to other dolphins. These wild creatures are also dangerous for humans. Dolphins can also get aggressive because of this captivity and could self-harm by floating lifelessly, swimming in circles, and gnawing with the concrete walls. In case of interaction with such aggressive dolphins could leave you out with bruises. It could take you into deep water, head jerk and biting causing broken bones, and many other injuries. You still wanna engage your kid with this kind of activity that could cause serious injury even though those dolphinariums provide reasonable care in providing this activity but there are still many dangers inherent in this activity.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We will discuss some of the common questions asked by the public regarding swimming with dolphins. Here’s the answer to all of your queries.

Q. Is it cruel to swim with dolphins?

Swimming with dolphins can be fun and very relaxing but at the same time, it’s very cruel with the dolphins. Being wild animals they are kept in small concrete tanks and made to interact with the people and to show many unnatural behaviors. This captivity could cause a lot of stress for the dolphin. This activity also destroys the family of the dolphins as they are traded from one place to another to breed the animals and to prevent inbreeding.

Q. What is swimming with dolphins like?

Swimming with dolphins feels so relaxing in a world full of stress and pollution swimming with dolphins could be a relief for you and an escape from your boring routine. Swimming with dolphins reduces depression and even it is now proved with the research that swimming with dolphins is a therapy and it helps to heal faster than any other mammal. This also increases the affection between humans and mammals we also get to know more about animals.

Q. How much does swimming with dolphins cost?

Swimming with dolphins is famous worldwide now and the countries that provide this activity of swimming with dolphins including Mexico, the United States, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Israel as well as most Caribbean nations like Bahamas, Cuba & Dominican Republic. The cost of swimming with dolphins varies from county to country but mostly the cost per person for a session with the dolphins cost between $75 to up to $200.


In a world full of depression and anxiety, swimming with dolphins could be an escape from your daily life routine. This could be so relaxing and boosting. Many dolphinariums around the world provide the facility for this activity. But dolphins also need a suitable environment for their survival; they should not be kept in small concrete tanks. As dolphins are oceans predators and love to live in the wild so keeping them in small cages could make them aggressive. They must be sent back to the wild and those who wanted to have fun with dolphins should go to the wild. Swimming with dolphins could be dangerous for you and your family. If you are planning to spend your weekends with dolphins, think again about it and don’t be fooled by the smile of dolphins.