Swimming Workouts

Looking for some good swimming workouts to kick up your strength training? Swimming is a full-body workout that helps you to build muscles, cardiorespiratory fitness and it can also burn calories.

Water has a built-in resistance and makes the muscles of your whole body to work to keep moving forward. Swimming is a great workout for your muscles without putting too much strain on joints. It revives your heart rate, helps you build muscles and make you stronger from head to toe, and even it brings good effects to your mental health.

Want to float freely on water? Or looking for some simple and easy tips to increase your swimming speed? We will tell you about some of the most effective swimming workouts to improve your flexibility, coordination, balance, and will also improve your posture for good swimming.

Swimming continuously for 30 to 40 mins is really very effective in building strength but these endless laps can be boring. But with a good workout plan that includes some form drills and intervals is great to mix things up. By following these simple workout plans you can easily build stamina to float over water and your swimming will get the speed up within a few weeks. This workout plan will meet all your fitness needs and will make you build endurance and tone muscles. then go get in your swimming suit and get started.

How it works

This workout is for swimming newcomers who want to learn some quick terminologies in the drill. This workout will make your stroke stronger and it takes about 1 hour to complete. This routine includes 2000 to 3000 yards to complete with freestyle swimming. But even a simple swim set would involve a warm-up, like a few frills before the main set. These drills really help your mind to concentrate, regulating the blood circulation in your whole body so that your body can perform well for a longer period of time.

Kick drills

For this, you’ll need a kickboard, place it in front of your body at your arm’s length now start making either flutter kicks or dolphin kicks across the length of the pool. Don’t forget to tighten your core before you start. There are different types of kicks to target different group muscles. Beginners should make 150 meters of kicking and for intermediate swimmers, 400 meters of kicking would be enough.

Flutter kicks

In flutter kicks, you keep your legs straight while moving them up and down. These kicks help to make your core stronger especially the lower abdominal muscles, abs muscles group, and hip flexors.

Frog kicks

Just as the name in frog kicks, bend your knees and bring your feet together just like the frog and then straighten your legs and then bring them back towards your torso. This action will propel your body in water. It’s a really good workout for your hamstrings and your inner thighs and also for your legs as they do most of the propulsion

Butterfly kicks

To do the butterfly kicks bring your legs to close, use your hips to push your legs, make a fin just like a butterfly to push you against the water. This exercise will really make your external abdominal oblique and internal abdominal oblique stronger and help you build a good swimming posture in the water.

Breaststroke and butterfly drill

Breaststroke and butterfly drill make the core of your body stronger and improve your speed. While doing the breaststroke swimmers should perform one arm pull after three leg kicks suggested by the swimming coaches and for butterfly kicks use one arm pull for every 3 dolphin kicks. Make sure to tighten your core muscles and make them help you to bring your arms out of water.

Leg and core toners

This exercise is known as the leg and core toner. Bring your back against the pool with your arms on the corners of the pool. Make your hand hold your body and start straightening your legs, use your glutes and abs to make your movement controlled. Now start moving your legs towards your right and then to your left then make a V- position with your legs and then down again. Do this movement by keeping your legs right, left, and down and do almost 3 sets with 20 repetitions.

Water running

Water running is also known as ‘Aqua Jogging’. This is a very high-intensity exercise and also provides the cardio aspect of running without striking the ground. You should be making your arms engage while water is just below your neck. Keep your back straight, your arms bend and your hands folded making a fist, and keep running as you do normally but against water. This will build your intensity and make your legs and core super strong.

Water crunches

As you know water has natural resistance so this resistance offers a great range of motion especially targeting the abs. For water crunches, put your legs over the deck of the pool till your knees, and your back perpendicular to the pool like floating over the water. This one is similar to sit-ups. Now use your abdominals muscles to bring your upper body out of the water and then come back to the first position. Doing this exercise 3 sets with 20 repetitions can really make your abdominal muscles and your core stronger to stand against the water resistance.

Swim workout for beginners

A simple workout plan for new swimmers of 750 yards of length, not to burden them with lots of exercises but by following this workout plan they can build strong endurance in the water and can speed up their swimming in just a few weeks.

  • For warmup 100 yards of (4 lengths) with 3 repetitions.
  • Side flutter kicks, lay on your side with your ears resting on your lower arm. keep your legs straight and upper arm on board if needed now gradually start making kicks, kick with your hips, not with your knees, keep your knees straight and the side and back of your head underwater. At least cover 50 yards of (2 lengths) with 3 repetitions.
  • 50 yards of flutter kicks with a kickboard by keeping your head under the water. Do at least 4 repetitions.
  • Swim at moderate to hard intensity for 5 X 50 yards do almost 7 repetitions for 5 laps. Take a deep breath after 3 strokes. Try to complete each lap in 50 to 60 seconds and then rest.
  • Now swim slowly by completing each lap in one minute to 1.15 minutes for 2 X 50 yards with 3 repetitions.
  • Swim at a moderate intensity for 100 yards, 3 repetitions would be enough.
  • Another 100 yards cool down swimming easily and do 3 repetitions.

Swimming workout for intermediate swimmers

The length of the workout for intermediate swimmers is 1400 yards. Not to get bored with continuous swimming for yards. This workout is divided into simple steps with some intervals.

  • Easy warm-up for 200 yards with 3 repetitions.
  • Now only swim with your upper body without kicking with your legs for 100 yards like freestyle pulling. Do almost 4 repetitions.
  • Now do swim moderate or hard rate by completing one lap in 40 to 50 seconds for 2 X 50 yards and do 7 repetitions.
  • Now moderate or slow swimming for 1 X 100 yards in 2 to 2.15 minutes with 6 repetitions.
  • Again moderate to hard swimming for 2 X 50 yards in 50 to 60 seconds with 7 repetitions.
  • Now 1 X 50 yards easy swimming in 1 minute with 4 repetitions.
  • Now for 2 X 100 yards moderate/ hard swim in 2 to 2.15 minutes. For the first 25 yards breathe after every 3 strokes, in the next 25 yards breathe after every 5 strokes, for the next 25 yards breathing every 7 strokes, and for the next 25 yards breathe after 9 strokes. And do almost 7 repetitions with the same sequence.
  • Now for 1 X 50 yards easy swim in 1 minute with 4 repetitions.
  • Now sprints with fins for the next 2 X 50 yards.
  • For the next 4 X 25 yards cool down and flutter kick using a kickboard. Do it slowly for the first 25 yards, medium for the next fast, and then very fast for the next yards. And do almost 7 repetitions with the same sequence.
  • Now for the last 100 yards go easy, try to count your arm strokes for 25 yards and reduce them with each next lap. Do this with 3 repetitions.

Advanced swim workout

The length for the advanced swimming workout is almost 1800 yards equals 1 mile. It will not be easy for newcomers but starting from beginner’s exercises then gradually moving towards intermediate and then advanced workouts would be the best. This workout will also help you with competitive swimming. Continuously doing these workouts will make you physically stronger enough to win any swimming championship if done correctly.

  • Warm-up for 100 yards making flutter kicks and fins, face down for 25 yards then for next 25 yards on left, for next 25 on the back, and last 25 on the right side. Make 3 repetitions with the same sequence.
  • For this 200 yards for the first 25 yards breathe to left every 4 strokes, for the next 25 yards breathe to right every 4 strokes, for last 50 yards breathe on either side every 3 strokes and do 3 repetitions.
  • For the next long drill of 5 X 150 yards, swim for 150 yards then 15 seconds rest, then swim 125 yards and then 25 yards, rest 15 sec breathing every 9 strokes. Then swim for 100 yards then 50 yards, breathing every 7 strokes. Then swim 75 yards and 75 yards with 15-sec rest breathing after every 5 strokes. Now last swim 50 yards and then 100 yards with 15-sec rest breathing every 3 strokes. Do almost 7 thorough repetitions of this step.
  • For 1 X 100 yards swim easy with 3 repetitions.
  • Next 5 X 50 yards, swim for first 25 yards fast next 25 yards slow, then swim 25 yards moderate and 25 yards slow. Do rest for 15 sec during the whole set. Do 3 repetitions of the whole set.
  • 1 X 50 yards easy swim in 1 minute with 4 repetitions.
  • For the next 8 X 25 yards sprints for 45 seconds with 8 repetitions.
  • Next 4 X 25 yards perform flutter kicks with the help of the kickboard. Go slow for the first 25 yards, medium for the next 25 then fast and very fast. Do 4 repetitions sequentially.
  • For the last 100 yards cool down and swim at pace doing almost 3 repetitions.

Some pro tips

To get more output from your swimming workout plan keep these three tips in mind that will make your swimming better than ever before.

1. Focus on form

If you are doing freestyle swimming, look at the bottom of the pool, your back straight, keep your head, hips, and feet at the surface. Do not keep your head and chest high during this workout because it will drop down your hips and legs. When taking a stroke, pull the water towards yourself extending your arm from the shoulder and while you pull your arm back keep your elbow high. While performing the kicks try to keep your core strong and kick with your hips, not with your knees.

2. Breathe better

Ever heard the term ‘bilateral swimming’, that’s a breathing technique that all the swimmers practice by breathing alternately on the left or right side. If you are a new swimmer focus on your breathing. Turn your body alternatively to left or right while breathing during swimming.

3. Roll with it

These means do not pull out your head for breathing. Instead, roll down to your chest and turn to the left or right to breathe. Breathe by keeping the corner of your mouth out on the surface of the water while your ears still inside.


These swimming workouts will kick up your strength training, helps you to work against the natural resistance of water. These swimming exercises will help you to gain more flexibility and a good posture to float freely in the water. These workouts target almost all of your body muscles to work without putting too much strain on your skeleton. It can also help in many cardiovascular aspects and can speed up your swimming speed within a short interval of time.