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A network of American websites called 247 Sports mostly focuses on recruiting athletes for college basketball and football.

247 sports

Who Or What Are 247 Sports?

A sports news and recruiting website, 247Sports, covers high school, professional, and collegiate sports nationwide. When the website was first introduced in 2010, it quickly gained popularity as a resource for sports fans seeking breaking news, commentary, and insider knowledge about their preferred teams and players.


The website includes a group of skilled writers and recruiting analysts who cover college basketball, football, and other sports in-depth. Also, 247Sports features a sizable recruiting database that lets readers keep up with the most recent rumours and news on high school athletes and their college preferences.


247Sports has a website, a mobile app, and a social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The website also provides premium subscription services for customers who desire access to premium content, such as in-depth recruiting analyses, expert rankings, and scouting reports.


In general, 247Sports has established itself as a reliable source for sports news and commentary, especially in college athletics and recruiting.


Coverage Of College Sports

With a major emphasis on college sports, 247Sports covers football, basketball, and other teams. The website offers breaking news, commentary, and viewpoints from authorities in collegiate sports. 


247Sports offers in-depth coverage of college sports teams, conferences, and athletes thanks to a group of skilled writers and recruiting analysts. Users can access rankings, statistics, schedules, and other crucial data regarding their preferred players and teams.


 The website also features a sizable recruiting database that lets visitors keep up with the most recent rumours and news on high school athletes and their college preferences. 247Sports has made a name for itself as a go-to source for fans looking for the most recent information and insights about their favourite teams and athletes because of its college sports coverage.


 “Unveiling The Mysteries Of Professional Sports: In-Depth Reporting And Analysis From 247Sports”

247Sports offers in-depth reporting on professional sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB and covers collegiate sports. The website gives fans up-to-date information on their preferred teams and players by showcasing breaking news, analysis, and insights from professionals in the world of professional sports. 


247Sports has a staff of knowledgeable journalists and analysts who cover everything from trade rumours to player contracts to game recaps and highlights. In-depth team and individual analyses are also provided on the website, helping fans better grasp the tactics and methods used in their preferred sports. 


Whether you’re an avid follower or a casual fan, 247Sports’ coverage of professional sports is an invaluable tool for anybody who wants to remain current on the most recent events and trends in the sports industry.


 Dedicated Journalists’ Group Of 247 Sports

A dedicated group of seasoned journalists working for 247Sports is committed to delivering accurate and up-to-date sports news coverage. The crew comprises sports journalism veterans who work as reporters, writers, and editors. 


They discuss various subjects, such as breaking news, in-depth articles, player biographies, and game analysis. These writers have established a solid reputation for their sports knowledge and capacity to offer incisive commentary on sporting events and trends. 


The staff at 247Sports is dedicated to providing top-notch content that is both educational and entertaining. They have a combined understanding of sports and a passion for them. 247Sports is a dependable source for sports news and commentary thanks to its commitment to the profession of journalism.



Since its launch in 2010, 247Sports has grown in popularity as more outlets in the sports news media have started using it as a source. The Dallas Morning News and The Washington Post are two early examples. Also, the website offered specialised articles on recruiting to sports news outlets, including Sports Illustrated. 


247Sports and CBS Sports established a content deal in November 2012, under which 247Sports will supply content for CBS Sports’ digital platforms, including CBSSports.com, while CBS Sports Digital would manage the site’s ad sales.


A long-term agreement was established in May 2013 for 247Sports to take Rivals.com’s place as the official online selection partner of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and the U.S. Army National Combine. CBS revealed that it acquired 247Sports in December 2015. [8] The content operations of 247Sports will still be tightly allied with CBSSports.com as of 2022. Also, 247 sports personalities are frequently seen on CBS Sports HQ as experts.


247Sports purchased Scout.com in February 2017. [9] Pro Football Focus and 247Sports partnered in October 2017 to cover Division I FBS college football for the website. This coverage included a PFF College microsite and integration of its player rankings across 247Sports.

Josh Pate, a sportscaster originally from Columbus, Georgia, was hired by 247Sports.com at the beginning of 2020 to anchor a programme called “Late Kick Live” on the 247Sports YouTube channel. The Late Kick YouTube channel had received 37,333,585 views as of November 27, 2022.


Shannon Terry, the company’s founder and CEO, resigned in August 2020.

The business moved to downtown Nashville in the summer of 2021 from its previous location in the Tennessee suburb of Brentwood, where it now coexists alongside Paramount’s CMT.



According to their performance and potential, high school and college athletes are rated on a scale by 247Sports, with ratings for high school recruits ranging from 0.8000 to 1.0000 and from 1 to 5 stars for college recruits.


 247Sports Composite

The 247Sports Composite is a distinctive scoring system that integrates many recruiting sources to rank high school athletes more precisely and thoroughly. The approach assigns a composite score to each athlete based on their rankings and considers rankings from different recruiting websites, such as 247Sports, ESPN, and Rivals. 


The composite score aims to provide a more comprehensive view of an athlete’s talent and potential by considering the insights of numerous subject-matter experts.


Rating Scale Of 247 Sports

247Sports rates athletes in high school and college according to their performance and potential. For high school recruiters, the rating scale runs from 0.8000 to 1.0000, while for college recruits, it ranges from 1 to 5.


In the rating system for high school recruits, a prospect with a rating between 0.8000 and 0.8199 is classified as a 2-star prospect, while a rating between 0.8200 and 0.8399 signifies a 3-star prospect. A rating between 0.8400 and 0.8999 corresponds to a 4-star prospect, and a rating between 0.9000 and 1.0000 denotes a 5-star prospect.


A rating between 1.0 and 1.4999 is regarded as a 2-star prospect for college recruitment, between 1.5 and 1.9999 as a 3-star prospect, between 2.0 and 2.4999 as a 4-star prospect, and between 2.5 and 5.0 as a 5-star prospect.


These rankings are based on several variables, such as a player’s physical characteristics, on-field performance, and the likelihood of future success. The ratings undergo continuous updates and alterations, reflecting changes in routine and other criteria.


High School Recruits

College Recruits

5 stars

0.9000 – 1.0000

2.5 – 5.0

4 stars

0.8400 – 0.8999

2.0 – 2.4999

3 stars

0.8200 – 0.8399

1.5 – 1.9999

2 stars

0.8000 – 0.8199

1.0 – 1.4999


The ratings are based on a player’s potential and performance, where 5-star recruits are highly touted and sought-after prospects, indicating their potential for success. On the other hand, 2-star recruits are considered lower-level prospects with less perceived potential for success.

 Frequently Asked Questions

However, there are some frequently asked questions related to the topic “247 sports” are as follows:


1. How Does 247 Sports Work?

A sports news website called 247Sports concentrates on college basketball and football recruitment, among other sports. It provides various content, such as user-generated content, rankings, news, and analysis.

CBS Sports Digital established the website in 2010 and currently owns it. It is a well-liked location for sports enthusiasts who want to stay current on the most recent information and events in college athletics, especially in recruitment and player rankings.


2. What Sets 247Sports Apart From Other Websites That Provide Sports News?

By concentrating mostly on college football and basketball recruitment and offering in-depth analysis, rankings, and user-generated material from a community of devoted fans and experts, 247Sports sets itself apart from other sports news websites.


3. What Kind Of Information Is Available On 247Sports?

You may find information on college basketball and football recruitment, as well as information about other sports, on 247Sports. The website provides multimedia content, including podcasts, videos, and articles.


4. Is Using 247Sports Free, Or Do I Need To Purchase A Subscription?

There are both free and premium subscription plans available on 247Sports. Access to certain features of the website requires a subscription, while others can be accessed without one. Subscribers who pay a fee have access to more features and materials.


5. How Reliable Are The 247Sports Recruiting Rankings?

The 247Sports recruiting rankings are widely regarded as being extremely accurate and trustworthy. According to their likelihood of college success, high school football and basketball players are assessed and ranked on the website by a group of recruiting specialists.


 6. Is 247Sports Available For Mobile Use?

The mobile app and mobile-friendly website make 247Sports available on mobile devices. On both iOS and Android smartphones, the app is downloadable.


7. Does 247Sports Offer Coverage Of Sports Outside Basketball And Football?

Yeah, even though 247Sports focuses mostly on recruiting for football and basketball, it does cover other sports like baseball, softball, and hockey to a lesser extent.


8. Can I Contribute My Content To 247Sports?

Users can post their own articles, thoughts, and other information to the 247Sports Fan Community, a platform for user-generated content. The editorial team chooses only certain submissions for publication, while they may not select others.

9. How Frequently Is New Content Added To 247Sports?

Daily material updates are made to 247Sports, with several new articles, videos, and podcasts published all day. Update frequency varies according to the season and sports-related news at the moment.


10. Are There Any Features For Fantasy Sports Or Sports Betting On 247Sports?

No, there are no features or materials on 247Sports that are focused on fantasy sports or sports betting. The website primarily focuses on recruitment, commentary, and news related to college sports.



As a result, 247Sports is a well-known sports news website that offers a variety of data and sources for followers of college sports, notably in the fields of football and basketball recruiting. The website has grown in popularity among sports fans looking for the most recent information on college athletics due to its emphasis on reliable rankings, commentary, and user-generated content.



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