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nHibbett Sports, Inc., a publicly listed US holding company, owns Birmingham-based full-line sporting goods shop, Hibbett Sporting Goods.

Hibbet sports
What Is Hibbett Sports?

However, a full-line sporting goods retailer headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Hibbett Sporting Goods is owned by Hibbett Sports, Inc., a publicly held holding company in the United States. Thus, the company operated 1,096 retail locations in 35 states as of the end of January 2022, including:

● 17 Sports Additions athletic shoe storesa 900 Hibbett Sports stores
● 179 City Gear stores

However, the Southeast, Southwest, and lower Midwest regions of the United States are served by sports goods stores run by HibbettSports, Inc. At 97 stores apiece, Alabama, Texas, and Georgia are the states with the most stores (90). Various athletic clothing, footwear, and equipment are offered in its stores.

However, their store, a about 5,000 square foot store largely found in strip centers, is the company’s main retail type.


Hibbett Sports Net Worth

The historical market capitalization (net worth) of Hibbett (HIBB) over the preceding ten years is displayed in an interactive graph. The market capitalization of a firm, which is determined by dividing its current stock price by the total number of outstanding shares, frequently serves as a stand-in for its intrinsic worth. Hibbett’s valuation will be $0.75 billion on April 6, 2023.

HibbettSports had a net worth of almost $1.2 billion as of 2021. The business’s net worth is determined by deducting its entire liabilities from its total assets. The merchandise, real estate, and equipment owned by them are included in its total assets and any cash or investments the company may have. Any debt or accounts payable the company owes to suppliers or creditors are included in its liabilities.

Since its start as a small sporting goods shop in Florence, Alabama, they have been in operation. With more than 1,000 outlets nationwide since then, the company has expanded to become a significant participant in the retail athletic goods sector.


Recent Increases In Profitability


The impressive financial success of HibbettSports is one element that has increased its net worth. With total revenues expected to reach $1.5 billion in 2020, the company has experienced consistent revenue growth in recent years. The same year, it had a net income of $51.6 million and could keep a healthy profit margin.

Their capacity for market adaptation is another aspect that has boosted its financial standing. In response to the expanding trend of online retail, the company has recently turned its emphasis toward e-commerce and mobile purchasing. Thus, this has increased their’ overall net value by enabling it to contact more clients and widen its distribution networks.

 “Hibbett Sports, Inc.: A Solid Holding Company For Sporting Goods Retail”


HibbettSports, Inc. is the holding company for Hibbett Sports, and it trades on the NASDAQ stock market under the ticker code “HIBB.”. As a holding company, it owns and operates Hibbett Sporting Goods and City Gear, a chain of urban apparel stores. The company is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and was founded in 1945.

In addition to its retail operations, HibbettSports, Inc. also engages in wholesale and licensing activities and has partnerships with major brands in the sporting goods industry. Thus, the company has a strong track record of financial performance and has consistently generated steady revenue growth and profitability over the years.


HibbettSports reported net yearly sales of US$913M on US$452M in total assets in January 2015. The business declared the opening of its new online store, hibbett.com, in August 2017. A store availability locator, fit-finding technologies, and product launch dates are all included on the website.

Hibbett Sports’ Online Retail Store


Hibbett Sports has an online retail store where customers can purchase sporting goods and apparel. The online store offers a wide selection of products, including footwear, team sports equipment, athletic apparel, and accessories. Customers can browse by sport, brand, or product category to find what they need.

The website also offers features such as product reviews, sizing charts, and a store locator tool. Hibbett Sports’ online retail platform has allowed the company to reach customers across the United States and expand its sales channels beyond its physical store locations. However, the online store is accessible 24/7, making it convenient for customers to shop at their own pace.

 Hibbett Sports Uses Several Different Methods For Sales


To reach its clients, Hibbett Sports uses various sales channels, including physical retail stores, online shopping, and mobile devices. Physical retail sites for Hibbett Sports comprise a major portion of the company’s sales channel, with over 1,000 stores spread across 35 states. These locations allow customers to try on and buy things in person and give HibbettSports a chance to build a more personal relationship with them.

The company also utilizes a comprehensive e-commerce platform, allowing customers to shop online anywhere in the country. The online store is available around-the-clock and provides services, including product comparisons, user reviews, and a store locator.
In addition to using its online store as a sales channel, they have also embraced mobile shopping.

Customers can shop and make purchases from their mobile devices via the company’s mobile app, which makes purchasing from Hibbett Sports even more convenient. Additionally, the app has features like access to in-store events and exclusive discounts.

Wholesale is another significant sales channel for Hibbett Sports. The business partners with well-known athletic goods companies and supplies other merchants with the merchandise. In addition to helping their sports become a major participant in the market, this enables the company to make revenue outside its retail outlets.


Hibbett Sports has reached a diverse consumer base and adjusted to shifting market conditions because of its multi-channel approach to sales. The company has maintained competition and expanded its business over time by embracing both conventional brick-and-mortar storefronts and digital sales methods.

Sales Channel Description


Brick-and-Mortar Stores Customers get the opportunity to test things on and make purchases in person at more than 1,000 locations in 35 states.
E-commerce Comprehensive online store accessible 24/7, offering features such as customer reviews, product comparisons, and a store locator tool.
Mobile Shopping Mobile app that allows customers to shop and make purchases from their mobile devices, with exclusive discounts and access to in-store events.
Wholesale Distribution of major brands’ products to other retailers, generating revenue beyond its own retail stores.

However, this table highlights the different sales channels that Hibbett Sports uses to reach its customers.

 Is Hibbett Sports The Same Business As City Gear?

HibbettSports, Inc., a publicly traded holding company based in Birmingham, Alabama, owns both Hibbett Sports and City Gear. Whereas City Gear is a chain of urban clothing stores that offers a selection of sneakers, streetwear, and accessories, they focuses on full-line athletic goods retail. City Gear was purchased by them, Inc. in 2018 to diversify its holdings and increase its presence in the urban apparel industry. Even though the two brands offer various product lines, there are both a part of the same parent company and follow the same corporate hierarchy.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, there are some frequently asked questions related to the topic “Hibbett Sports” are as follows:

1. What Types Of Products Does Hibbett Sports Sell?

Shoes, team sports gear, gym attire, and accessories are just a few of the sporting products and athletic clothing that Hibbett Sports sells.

 2. Where Are The Stores Of HibbettSports Located?

Almost 1,000 Hibbett Sports locations can be found in 35 different states.

3. Does HibbettSports Allow Customers To Shop Online?

Clients can shop for goods online, round-the-clock, at Hibbett Sports.

4. Which Brands Do You Find At Hibbett Sports?

Numerous well-known sports and athletic clothing companies, including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan, and others, are sold at Hibbett Sports.

5. Does Hibbett Sports Provide Group Purchases For Institutions Of Higher Learning?

Indeed, HibbettSports provides team discounts to institutions of higher learning. Customers can call their nearby location or go to the business’ website for further information.

6. Is There A Loyalty Programme At Hibbett Sports?

“Hibbett Rewards” is the reward program offered by these sports. Members can accumulate points through purchases, which can then be exchanged for benefits like special discounts and offers.


7. What Is The Hibbett Sports Return Policy?

Most items at HibbettSports have a 60-day return policy as long as they are unused and still have their tags on.

8. Is There Financing Available Through Hibbett Sports?

Yes, these sports does provide financing options through Klarna, a third-party lending company. On the corporate website, customers can apply for finance while checking out.

9. What Has The Recent Revenue Increase Been For HibbettSports?

The business’s financial reports show that HibbettSports has seen consistent revenue growth over the previous few years.

10. Is Hibbett Sports A Corporation That Is Traded Publicly?

Yes, these trades on a stock exchange. On the NASDAQ, it trades its shares under the ticker HIBB.


With more than 1,000 stores nationwide, Hibbett Sports is a well-known athletic goods retailer owned by Hibbett Sports, Inc. The company uses many sales channels and products to reach its clients.

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